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Staff Assignments

Craig Harper
Staff Director


Department Assignments: 

Amanda Bickel
Chief Legislative Budget & Policy Analyst


Department Assignments: 
Education - All Divisions Other than School Finance and Categorical Programs
Higher Education - Financial Aid, College Opportunity Fund, Governing Boards, Local District College Grants, Area Technical Colleges

Justin Brakke
Principal Legislative Budget & Policy Analyst


Department Assignments: 
Community Provider Rate Common Policy
Natural Resources - Executive Director's Office, Division of Parks & Wildlife, Colorado Water Conservation Board, Division of Water Resources
Public Safety - Division of Criminal Justice

Mitch Burmeister
Senior Legislative Budget & Policy Analyst


Department Assignments: 
Governor - Colorado Energy Office    
Natural Resources - Division of Reclamation, Mining & Safety/ Oil & Gas Conservation Commission/ State Board of Land Commissioners/
         Severance Tax Policy    
Compensation Common Policies (including PERA)
Senate Appropriations Committee 

Jon Catlett
Senior Legislative Budget & Policy Analyst


Department Assignments:
Marijuana Tax Policy
Military & Veterans Affairs

Gustavo Cortés
Legislative Budget & Policy Analyst


Department Assignments:
Public Safety- Exec. Director’s Office/ Colo. State Patrol/ Div. of Fire Prevention & Control/ Colo. Bureau of Investigation/
        School Safety Resource Center (in EDO)/ Div. of Homeland Security & Emergency Mgmt./ Disaster Emergency Fund (lead)

Tom Dermody
Principal Legislative Budget & Policy Analyst


Department Assignments: 
Human Services - Executive Director's Office, Indirect Costs (lead)/ Administration and Finance/ Office of Economic Security/ 
           Office of Adults, Aging, and Disability Services
Personnel - Executive Director’s Office/ Division of Human Resources/ Constitutionally Ind. Entities (Personnel Board)/ Division of Central Services/
           Division of Accounts & Control/ Admin. Courts/ Division of Capital Assets/ Operating Common Policies  

Emily Hansen
Senior Legislative Budget & Policy Analyst


Department Assignments: 
Health Care Policy & Financing Behavioral Health Community Programs
Human Services - Office of Children, Youth, and Families Administrative Review Unit (in Administration and Finance)/Administration/ 
        Division of Child Welfare/ Division of Youth Services, Behavioral Health Administration, Office of Behavioral Health (Office of the Ombudsman
        for Behavioral Health Access to Care (in EDO))
House Appropriations Committee 

Madison Kaemerer
Legislative Budget & Policy Analyst


Department Assignments:
Health Care Policy and Financing - Office of Community Living
Local Affairs 
      Federal Mineral Lease Revenues (lead)

Alfredo Kemm
Chief Legislative Budget & Policy Analyst


Department Assignments: 
Judicial Branch and Independent Agencies
       Correctional Treatment Cash Fund (lead)

Eric Kurtz
Chief Legislative Budget & Policy Analyst


Department Assignments: 
Health Care Policy & Financing - Executive Director’s Office/ Medical Services Premiums/ Indigent Care Program/ Other Medical Services

Louellen Lowe
Senior Legislative Budget & Policy Analyst


Department Assignments:
Early Childhood
Higher Education -  Dept. Admin. Office, CO Commission on Higher Ed. and Special Purpose, Div. of Occupational Ed.
          (except Area Technical Colleges), Auraria Higher Ed. Center, History CO
       Unclaimed Property Trust Fund (lead)

Andrew McLeer
Legislative Budget & Policy Analyst


Department Assignments:
Public Health & Environment - Air Pollution and Control Division, Water Quality Control Division, Hazardous Materials and Waste Mgmt. Div., Div. of Environmental Health & Sustainability

Jessi Neuberg
Administrator IV


Administrative assistance for the Joint Budget Committee and its staff, oversight of Administrative Assistant positions

Kelly Shen
Legislative Budget & Policy Analyst


Department Assignments:
Regulatory Agencies

Scott Thompson
Principal Legislative Budget & Policy Analyst


Department Assignments:
Capital Construction - Information Technology Projects
Governor - Governor’s Office/ Special Purpose/ Office of the Lieutenant Governor/ Office of State Planning and Budgeting/ 
    Office of Information Technology/ Economic Development Programs/ OIT Common Policies
Law (Attorney General’s Office)

Andrea Uhl
Principal Legislative Budget & Policy Analyst


Department Assignments:
Capital Construction - Controlled Maintenance/ Capital Renewal and Recapitalization, and Capital Expansion: State Facilities, Including Higher Education
Education - School District Operations: Public School Finance, Categorical Programs

The effective date for bills enacted without a safety clause is August 7, 2024, if the General Assembly adjourns sine die on May 8, 2024, unless otherwise specified. Details