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Date Apr 11, 2022      
Location HCR 0107

Presentation on Sustainable Agriculture - Committee Discussion Only

01:34:02 PM  
Dr. Peter Newton, Associate Professor, University
of Colorado Boulder, introduced himself and his presentation about evidence-based
sustainable food systems (Attachment A).
01:37:45 PM  

Dr. Newton discussed greenhouse gas emissions across the supply chain from various types of agricultural products and the environmental impact of local food systems.

01:39:29 PM  

Dr. Newton told the committee about the environmental impacts of organic agriculture and the benefits and trade-offs of practicing organic farming.

01:41:50 PM  

Dr. Newton spoke about genetically engineered crops and how these can increase yields and decrease insecticide use and increase farmer profits.

01:43:05 PM  
Dr. Newton responded
to questions from the committee about how to feed a growing population,
and about his research.  
01:57:54 PM  
Dr. Newton continued to respond to questions.
02:01:18 PM  
Ms. Lisa Blecker,
Colorado State University (CSU), introduced herself and her presentation
on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) (Attachment B).
02:03:30 PM  
Ms. Blecker spoke about her background and qualifications on the topic.
02:08:21 PM  
Ms. Blecker gave the committee the definition of IPM and spoke how IPM is used and implemented.
02:09:54 PM  
Ms. Blecker told the committee about the guiding principles of IPM and the different stages of prevention and intervention.
02:13:52 PM  
Ms. Blecker discussed CSU Extension's approach to IPM recommendations and how pesticides fit into an IPM program.
02:16:07 PM  
Ms. Blecker gave
the committee a definition of pesticides and spoke about the federal laws
that governs pesticide use.  
02:19:28 PM  
Ms. Blecker told the committee about the mission and values of CSU's IPM Center and how they work to educate about pesticide use and management.
02:24:54 PM  
Ms. Blecker responded to questions about pesticide education.
02:32:49 PM  
Ms. Blecker answered a question from the committee about biological control and how it has evolved.

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