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Date Mar 7, 2023      
Location Old State Library

ACC 3.0 Presentation - Committee Discussion Only

10:41:58 AM  

Cristen Bates, Director, Office of Medicaid and CHP Behavioral Health Initiatives and Coverage, Department of Health Care and Policy Financing (HCPF), introduced the presenters for the Affordable Care Collaborative (ACC) 3.0. Presenter handouts and the ACC FY 21-22 report can be found as Attachment A.

10:47:34 AM  

Dave Ducharme, ACC/Delivery System Division Director, HCPF, gave an overview of the ACC including the goals of the program and how regions are divided. Mr. Ducharme spoke about joining physical and behavioral health care and gave an overview of the different types of health care plans. Members of the panel answered questions from the committee. The committee took a recess.

11:09:02 AM  
The committee resumed.
11:11:24 AM  
Mr. Ducharme reviewed
information about the role of the Regional Accountable Entities (RAE).
11:14:42 AM  
Ms. Bates reviewed
information about the capitated behavioral health benefits. She discussed
creating a unified network of public behavioral health providers and spoke
about the benefits of being a Medicaid provider. Ms. Bates discussed reimbursement
rates, as well as a plan to pay for performance and accountability.
11:21:27 AM  
Charlotte Crist,
Director, Cost Control and Quality Improvement Office, HCPF, gave an overview
of a timeline for ongoing stakeholder activities and the phase three goals
for the ACC. Ms. Bates explained the state partnerships with the community
and with other state agencies. Ms. Bates discussed the ACCs role in transforming
behavioral health. Members of the panel answered questions from the committee.
11:49:08 AM  
Members of the panel continued to answer questions from the committee.

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