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Date Mar 14, 2019      
Location HCR 0112

Presentation on pretrial detention reform - Committee Discussion Only

01:35:45 PM  

The committee was called to order. A quorum was present. Representative Weissman discussed the day's events. A panel briefed the committee on pretrial detention reform. Mr. Bo Zeerip, representing the Twenty-first Judicial District, discussed monetary bond. Committee members received a packet of informational slides (Attachment A). Mr. Glenn Tapia, representing the Judicial Branch, discussed certain pretrial functions and services, and explained how bills pending before the committee would affect these functions and services. Ms. Becca Curry, representing the ACLU, explained how monetary bond differs among different populations. Committee members received a fact sheet (Attachment B) and a table outlining Colorado's jail population (Attachment C). Ms. Rebecca Wallace, representing the ACLU, discussed trends in the state's jail population, and changing from a monetary-based pretrial release system to a risk-based system. Ms. Elisabeth Epps, representing the Colorado Freedom Fund, discussed the work of her organization, and issues affecting those who are facing a criminal trial.

02:07:29 PM  
Ms. Epps responded to questions regarding the bonds posted by her organization. Discussion ensued regarding pretrial services in other jurisdictions, and the factors involved in granting bail. Ms. Curry responded to questions regarding certain statistics associated with pretrial detention. Discussion followed regarding the merits of pretrial services.
02:23:01 PM  
Discussion ensued regarding the current jail population trend in Colorado, and the impact of pretrial detention. Discussion followed regarding caselaw associated with pretrial detention.

Attorney General Phil Weiser discussed reform of the monetary bond system. Committee members received a policy brief on the issue (Attachment D). Attorney General Weiser responded to questions regarding potential legal challenges to the monetary bail system, and costs associated with bail reform-related legislation. Attorney General Weiser responded to further questions regarding the over-conditioning of bonds.

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