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Date Apr 25, 2019      
Location LSB B

HB19-1076 - Committee Discussion Only

02:07:10 PM  
Senator Priola, bill sponsor, presented
House Bill 19-1076.  This bill makes changes to the Colorado Clean
Indoor Act. These changes include:
  • making electronic smoking devices subject
    to the act;
  • clarifying the definition of smoking
    to include plant products and synthetic marijuana;

  • increasing the smoke-free radius from
    a building entryway from 15 feet to 25 feet;
  • repealing the ability of a local jurisdiction
    from specifying a smoke-free radius less than 15 feet

    from an entryway;
  • reducing the number of exceptions to
    the act; and
  • repealing the option of property owners
    and managers to designate smoking and non-smoking

Amendment L.015 was distributed (Attachment D).

02:07:39 PM  
Francesca Gettler, Vapor Source, testified
in support of the bill.
02:07:53 PM  

R.J. Ours, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, testfied in support of the bill and distributed two handouts (Attachments E and F).

02:10:57 PM  

Senator Priola made closing comments and discussed amendment L.015 (Attachment D).

02:13:50 PM  
Senator Fields recessed the meeting.
02:17:23 PM  
Senator Fields reconvened the meeting.
02:17:40 PM  
Senator Priola responded to committee questions.
02:22:06 PM  

Jennifer Miles, Colorado Association of Local Public Health Officials, responded to questions about amendment L.015 (Attachment D).

02:30:13 PM  
Don Daniels, representing himself, testified
in support of the bill.
02:35:29 PM  

The committee discussed amendment L.015 (Attachment D).

02:37:35 PM  
Senator Fields laid the bill over until
later in the meeting.

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