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Date Jan 22, 2019      
Location SCR 354

SB19-019 - Committee Discussion Only

02:39:34 PM  

Senator Fields, bill sponsor, presented Senate Bill 19-019. The bill allows a county to adopt a resolution that includes an express finding of high fire danger, based on competent evidence, to prohibit the sale and use of fireworks between May 31 and July 5 of each year.  Under this bill, competent evidence of high fire danger may include predictions of future fire danger such as those issued by the National Interagency Coordination Center.  Senator Fields distributed a handout (Attachment E).

02:43:36 PM  

Ron Carl, Arapahoe County, testified in support of the bill and provided a packet to the committee (Attachment F).

02:47:06 PM  
Nathan Fogg, Arapahoe County, testified in support of the bill. Mr. Fogg responded to questions.
02:52:41 PM  
Senator Fields responded to questions.
02:55:49 PM  

Mr. Carl and Mr. Frogg responded to questions from the committee.

02:58:42 PM  
Eric Bergman, CCI, came to the table and responded to questions. Committee discussion and questions followed.
03:02:37 PM  
Senator Fields responded to questions. Committee discussion followed.
03:09:02 PM  

Brad Witherell, representing himself,  testified against the bill.  Mr. Witherall responded to questions.

03:23:37 PM  
Britton Cottrell, representing himself, testified against the bill.
03:26:45 PM  
Jerry Farley, Consumer Fireworks Safety Association, testified against the bill.
03:32:52 PM  

Mr. Carl and Mr. Fogg returned to the table and responded to questions. Mr. Carl referred to Attachment F.

03:41:42 PM  
Senator Fields made closing comments. Committee comments followed.
03:45:18 PM  

Senator Ginal recessed the meeting

03:45:19 PM  

Senator Ginal reconvened the meeting.

03:45:57 PM  
Senator Ginal laid the bill over.

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