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Date Feb 13, 2020      
Location Old Supreme Court Chamber

HB20-1272 - Postponed Indefinitely

01:40:08 AM  

Representative Humphrey, bill sponsor, presented House Bill 20-1272. The bill specifies, notwithstanding any judicial decisions to the contrary, that a marriage license may only be issued to, and children may only be adopted by, couples consisting of one man and one woman.

02:01:49 AM  

Deborah Suniga, representing herself, testified in opposition to the bill.

Reverend Bonnie Sarah Spencer, Interfaith Alliance of Colorado, testified in opposition to the bill.

Elizabeth Hinkley, American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado, testified in opposition to the bill.

Rabbi Rachel Kobrin, Congregation Rodef Shalom, testified in opposition to the bill.

02:16:28 AM  

Mary Parker, representing herself, testified in opposition of the bill.

Hayley Banyai Becker, representing herself, testified in opposition to the bill.

Jack Teter, representing himself, testified in oppostion to the bill.

02:25:29 AM  

Representative Humphrey made concluding remarks about the bill.  Committee members commented on the bill.

02:29:37 AM
Motion Refer House Bill 20-1272 to the Committee of the Whole.
Moved Humphrey
Seconded Williams D.
Duran No
Humphrey Yes
Lontine No
Rich Yes
Sirota No
Williams D. Yes
Woodrow No
Jaquez Lewis No
Kennedy No
YES: 3   NO: 6   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  FAIL

02:29:55 AM
Motion Postpone House Bill 20-1272 indefinitely using a reversal of the previous roll call. There was no objection to the use of the reverse roll call, therefore, the bill was postponed indefinitely.
Moved Jaquez Lewis
Seconded Duran
Duran Yes
Humphrey No
Lontine Yes
Rich No
Sirota Yes
Williams D. No
Woodrow Yes
Jaquez Lewis Yes
Kennedy Yes
Final YES: 6   NO: 3   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS

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