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Date Jan 30, 2020      
Location OSCC

SB20-040 - Referred to Senate Finance

04:53:21 PM  

Senators Ginal and Todd, bill sponsors, presented the Senate Bill 20-040 and distributed a packet of information (Attachment B). This bill enacts the Genetic Counselor Licensure Act, requiring genetic counselors to be licensed by the Division of Professions and Occupations in the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) starting on June 1, 2021.  The bill establishes the licensing requirements, including  being certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling or the American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics.  In addition, the bill sets forth the application and renewal processes, continuing education requirements, the scope of practice for licensees, rulemaking authority, insurance requirements, and disciplinary procedures.  The bill does not restrict the practice of certain individuals, such as doctors, students, federal employees, or individuals from another state or country who are certified.  The bill is scheduled to repeal on September 1, 2027, after a sunset review.  Finally, the bill creates two new misdemeanors for practicing genetic counseling without a license.

05:03:00 PM  

Senator Ginal responded to questions.

05:05:45 PM  

Carol Walton, Children's Hospital Colorado and National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC), testified in support of the bill.

05:09:05 PM  

Lisa Ku, University of Colorado, testified in support of the bill.

05:11:31 PM  

Dr. Mark Lovell, Children's Hospital Colorado, testified in support of the bill.

05:14:41 PM  

Mary Freivogel, NSGC, testified in support of the bill.

05:17:57 PM  

The witness panel responded to questions.

05:23:43 PM  

Michael Nicoletti, Department of Regulatory Agencies, testified against the bill.

05:24:51 PM  

Jeanette Hensley, Colorado Senior Lobby, testified in support of the bill.

05:28:01 PM  

Edie Busam, Colorado Radiological, testified in support of the bill.

05:29:15 PM  

Senator Todd made closing comments.

05:35:11 PM  

Senator Ginal made closing comments.

05:38:35 PM
Motion Refer Senate Bill 20-040 to the Committee on Finance.
Moved Crowder
Crowder Yes
Ginal Yes
Moreno Yes
Smallwood No
Winter Yes
Final YES: 4   NO: 1   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS

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