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Date Jan 9, 2018      
Location RM 271

Presentation from the Colorado Department of Transportation - Committee Discussion Only

01:02:14 PM  

Executive Director Micheal Lewis, representing the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), came to the table to update the committee on CDOT's activity and performance. He distributed a copy of his presentation (Attachment A) and the department's performance plan (Attachment B).

01:07:07 PM  

Director Lewis began by discussing CDOT's various functions. He answered committee questions regarding CDOT's mobile applications and how CDOT works with third-party applications. He continued by discussing the department's performance plan.

01:12:45 PM  

Mr. Josh Laipply, representing CDOT, came to the table to discuss pavement condition and maintenance initiatives.  He answered several questions regarding pavement conditions and maintenance.

01:21:41 PM  

Mr. Laipply and Director Lewis continued by addressing several committee questions regarding the weather's effect on pavement. Mr. Laipply continued by discussing CDOT's travel time initiative. Director Lewis answered committee questions regarding the metric travel time goals and a project on I-225. Mr. Laipply continued by highlighting technology projects aimed at reducing travel time.

01:31:46 PM  
Mr. Laipply continued by discussing several upcoming connected vehicles and ramp metering projects. Director Lewis answered several committee questions regarding data privacy.
01:38:43 PM  
Director Lewis continued by discussing CDOT's worker's compensation claims initiative. He stated that the goal of the initiative is to keep workers safe and reduce worker's compensation claims.
01:42:02 PM  
Director Lewis continued by discussing CDOT's safety initiatives. He highlighted his concerns about the rise of fatalities on Colorado's roads. In response to a committee question, Director Lewis stated that Colorado's growing population is a factor considered in the rise in fatalities across the state.
01:50:02 PM  

Director Lewis continued by discussing CDOT's Efficiency and Accountability Committee and its actions during 2017.  Mr. Laipply also explained various CDOT process improvements and highlighted several examples of their work.  In response to committee questions, Mr. Laipply discussed stormwater paperwork issues between the state and contractors, and the color of road striping for high occupancy vehicle lanes.

02:01:10 PM  
Mr. Laipply continued by discussing CDOT's Senate Bill 17-267 projects. He discussed project timelines and the criteria the Transportation Commission used to determine the projects eligible for Senate Bill 17-267 funds. Committee discussion ensued regarding Senate Bill 17-267 projects.
02:15:02 PM  
Mr. Laipply continued by discussing CDOT's award by review process and CDOT's suggested changes to the process. Committee discussion ensued regarding CDOT's contracting process.

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