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cc_2016a_2016-05-06t08:22:05z0 Hearing Summary

Date: 05/06/2016


BILL SUMMARY for HB16-1021


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08:22 AM -- HB16-1021

The conference committee was called to order. A quorum was present. The committee discussed a draft of the first report of the first conference committee on House Bill 16-1021, concerning providing the opportunity to collect identifying information from applicants for state-issued cards. Discussion ensued regarding whether law enforcement should have access to demographic data on the magnetic strip of a driver's license, and discussions that took place about the bill during the interim Profiling-Initiated Contacts by Law Enforcement Committee. Representative Williams provided her perspective on how a law enforcement "e-ticket" system operates. Discussion ensued on this point. The committee decided to concur with the Senate version of the bill, and to dissolve the conference committee.

08:31 AM

The conference committee adjourned.

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