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h_ed_2017a_2017-12-05t09:05:00z3 Hearing Summary

Date: 12/05/2017

Location: RM 271


Presentation by Colorado Department of Education


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11:36 AM -- Presentation by Colorado Department of Education

Commissioner Anthes, Commissioner of Education for CDE, provided an overview of the department. She discussed the work of CDE during 2017, including standard reviews, accountability hearings, plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act, the Student's Success Act, and a new performance plan. She distributed a copy of the presentation (Attachment M), the 2017 CDE legislative priorities (Attachment N), the CDE strategic plan (Attachment O), the report on facts and figures for CDE (Attachment P), the CDE program forecast (Attachment Q), the CDE organizational chart (Attachment R), the CDE regulatory agenda (Attachment S), a report on capital construction projects (Attachment T), and a report on the Career Success Pilot Program (Attachment U).

17JtEducation1205AttachM.pdf17JtEducation1205AttachM.pdf 17JTEducation1205AttachN.pdf17JTEducation1205AttachN.pdf

17JtEducation1205AttachO.pdf17JtEducation1205AttachO.pdf 17JTEducation1205AttachP.pdf17JTEducation1205AttachP.pdf

17JtEducation1205AttachQ.pdf17JtEducation1205AttachQ.pdf 17JtEducation1205AttachR.pdf17JtEducation1205AttachR.pdf

17JtEducation1205AttachS.pdf17JtEducation1205AttachS.pdf 17JtEducation1205AttachT.pdf17JtEducation1205AttachT.pdf


11:50 AM

Commissioner Anthes discussed the achievement gap in Colorado schools and provided a breakdown of the new performance plan.

11:51 AM --
Joyce Zurkowski, Executive Director of Assessment, CDE, answered questions from the committee regarding assessments for different grade levels.

Commissioner Anthes spoke on the new performance plan to address the achievement equality gaps. She discussed current benchmarks for reading levels, maintaining and increasing performance, increasing post secondary credentials, and targeting underserved students.

11:55 AM --
Dr. Melissa Colsman, Associate Commissioner of Student Learning, CDE, answered questions from the committee regarding students with reading deficiencies.

Commissioner Anthes answered questions from the committee regarding the development of measurable goals.

Commissioner Anthes discussed five key incentives for CDE: support high quality early learning and literacy for all students, expand access and opportunity for historically underserved students, prioritize and maximize support for schools and districts identified for academic improvement, expand high school options to ensure that all students are ready for college and living wage jobs, and develop a strong pipeline of high-quality teachers and principals and provide deeper support for school and district leaders.

12:12 PM

Commissioner Anthes answered questions from the committee regarding sharing information from successful practices at K-12 schools. She discussed the Connect for Success program. She also answered questions regarding foster care students.

12:24 PM

Commissioner Anthes discussed the efficiency and effectiveness of the department to provide services and resources to K-12 schools.

The committee members provided closing comments.

12:30 PM

The committee adjourned.

The effective date for bills enacted without a safety clause is August 7, 2024, if the General Assembly adjourns sine die on May 8, 2024, unless otherwise specified. Details