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h_fin_2017a_2018-01-05t08:06:00z2 Hearing Summary


Date Jan 5, 2018      
Location RM 271

Department of Revenue - Committee Discussion Only

09:59:00 AM  

Mr. Mike Hartman, Executive Director, and Ms. Heidi Humphreys, Deputy Executive Director, presented on the Department of Revenue. Committee members received a copy of Mr. Hartman's presentation (Attachment B).  Mr. Hartman walked the committee through his presentation.

10:18:00 AM  
Mr. Hartman continued his presentation
and responded to committee questions regarding services for seniors.
10:30:00 AM  

Mr. Hartman continued his presentation by discussing customer service improvements.   He responded to several committee questions.  

10:41:00 AM  
Ms. Humphreys continued by discussing the
department's fiduciary responsibility and the lottery division.
10:47:00 AM  

Mr. Hartman continued by discussing the department's statutory responsibilities and its rulemaking principles.  He responded to a committee question about General Fund support for the Marijuana Enforcement Division.

10:52:00 AM  

Ms. Humphreys continued by discussing how the department measures public confidence in its services.  She responded to questions about enforcement division functions.  Discussion turned to under-age gambling.

11:05:00 AM  

Mr. Hartman discussed employee hiring practices and how the department recognizes employees and measures employee satisfaction.  He also discussed audit recommendations and FY 2018-19 operating budget items that will be considered by the Joint Budget Committee.  He concluded his presentation with a discussion of the department's 2018 legislative initiatives.  

11:17:00 AM  

Mr. Hartman responded to committee questions.  Ms. Humphreys also provided comment on committee questions.

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