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h_hie_2016a_2017-01-09t09:09:19z5 Hearing Summary

Date: 01/09/2017


CDPHE SMART Act Presentation


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02:31 PM -- CDPHE SMART Act Presentation

Dr. Larry Wolk, Executive Director, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), presented to the committee. Handouts related to the presentation were distributed to the committee (Attachments J, K, L, and M). Dr. Wolk reviewed the structure of CDPHE and summarized the budget, noting that the majority of funding goes toward prevention services. Dr. Wolk explained CDPHE's five goals, which include:

      • implementing plans supporting health and environmental priorities;
      • increasing CDPHE's efficiency, effectiveness, and elegance;
      • improving employee engagement;
      • promoting health equity and environmental justice; and
      • preparing to respond to all emerging issues.

170109 AttachJ.pdf170109 AttachJ.pdf (Attachment K) (Attachment L)

170109 AttachM.pdf170109 AttachM.pdf

02:45 PM

Dr. Wolk responded to a question from the committee regarding complaints in air quality. Dr. Wolk noted that a majority of the complaints tracked from October 2015 to October 2016 were related to eye, ear, nose and throat irritation. The committee continued to discuss CDPHE's response to complaints about air quality and regulations regarding oil and gas development. Dr. Wolk described how CDPHE partners with other state departments to address social determinants, in response to a question.

02:59 PM

Dr. Wolk gave an overview of CDPHE's performance management system, including the online dashboard, to the committee. He explained that the dashboard keeps track of performance goals in all division of CDPHE over time. Dr. Wolk responded to a question regarding establishment of metrics and targets.

03:13 PM

Martha Rudolph, CDPHE, responded to questions regarding permitting standards for Colorado bodies of water. Dr. Wolk answered questions about CDPHE's accreditation and updated goals for the immunization strategy.

03:24 PM

Dr. Wolk described CDPHE's customer service policy. He explained how CDPHE measures customer service, and the improvement initiatives that CPDHE has undertaken as a result of the customer feedback. Dr. Wolk detailed some of the initiatives, including use of a new debit card and moving environmental transactions to the internet.

03:28 PM

Dr. Wolk reviewed the CDPHE's decision items and funding requests for FY 2017-18. He detailed the funding requests for environmental programs, health programs, and technical adjustments. He explained the CDPHE's two legislative priorities and provided an update on the progress of the Suicide Prevention Commission.

03:32 PM

Dr. Wolk responded to questions from the committee regarding dialysis training and CDPHE audit requests. Chris Colclasure, CPDHE, responded to a question regarding an audit on automobile emissions testing. He noted that Colorado's emissions testing program is federally required, and he discussed results from previous audits. The committee continued to discuss emissions testing for vehicles in Colorado. Mr. Wolk responded to a question regarding a settlement from Volkswagen.

03:49 PM

Representative Primavera opened the floor for public testimony regarding CDPHE.

03:51 PM --
Phil Silberman, himself, testified regarding CDPHE.

03:58 PM -- Pam Long, herself, testified regarding CDPHE and distributed a handout to the committee (Attachment N). Ms. Long responded to questions from the committee.

170109 AttachN.pdf170109 AttachN.pdf

04:08 PM -- Francis Sincere, himself, testified regarding CDPHE and distributed a handout to the committee (Attachment O).

170109 AttachO.pdf170109 AttachO.pdf

04:13 PM -- Heather Lahdenpera, herself, testified regarding CDPHE. Ms. Lahdenpera responded to questions from the committee.

04:26 PM --
Kimberly LeBlanc, herself, testified regarding CDPHE.

04:32 PM -- Melissa Winefeldt, herself, testified regarding CDPHE.

04:41 PM -- Jonathan Singer, himself, commented on the committee.

04:43 PM

Representative Primavera gave concluding remarks and adjourned the meeting.

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