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h_jud_2017a_2018-01-08t09:05:54z1 Hearing Summary


Date Jan 8, 2018      
Location RM 271

Department of Public Safety Presentation - Committee Discussion Only

10:36:39 AM  

Mr. Stan Hilkey, Executive Director, Department of Public Safety, briefed the committee pursuant to the SMART Government Act and Joint Rule 25. Committee members received a packet of information, including a collection of presentation slides, the department's performance plan and regulatory agenda, and other associated documents (Attachment C). Mr. Hilkey walked the committee through the slide presentation, reviewing such issues as the department's FY 2018-19 budget request.

10:48:28 AM  

Director Hilkey responded to questions regarding certain line items within the department's FY 2018-19 budget request, including funds intended to address black market marijuana.  Director Hilkey also discussed the position of the department on certain forthcoming legislation, and departmental efforts to address substance abuse.  Director Hilkey responded to questions regarding the placement of departmental resources based on location, and de-escalation training within the department's law enforcement branches.

11:01:36 AM  

Discussion returned to the black market marijuana issue. Colonel Matthew Packard, Chief, Colorado State Patrol (CSP), briefed the committee on CSP's mission, activities, and goals. Discussion ensued regarding the reasons behind an increase in motor vehicle accidents involving injury and death in Colorado. Chief Packard next discussed CSP's efforts to address the opioid epidemic, and responded to questions regarding motorists' failure to yield when CSP officers and others are parked on the shoulder of a road.

11:17:58 AM  

Discussion continued regarding the policing of transportation corridors, troop strength, hiring plans, and security at the State Capitol.  Mr. John Camper, Director, Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI), briefed the committee on CBI's activities and goals.

11:29:28 AM  

Director Camper continued to brief the committee on CBI's activities. Director Camper responded to questions regarding the use of polygraph tests for investigative purposes, and the aggregation of hate crimes statistics. Discussion returned to the use of polygraphs by CBI, and then to the administration of background checks by CBI for firearms purchases.

11:57:59 AM  

Surveillance and identity verification tools used by CBI were discussed.  Mr. Mike Morgan, Director, Division of Fire Prevention and Control, addressed the committee concerning the division's activities and goals. Director Morgan responded to questions regarding the division's oversight, drone aircraft, and the division's Center of Excellence.

12:07:42 PM  

Mr. Kevin Klein, Director, Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, briefed the committee on the division's mission, activities, and goals. Director Klein responded to questions regarding the reporting of Federal Emergency Management Agency plans by local governments, and the division's prioritization of homeland security grants.

12:19:53 PM  

Director Klein answered questions regarding the division's ability to respond to threats from places such as North Korea and other state cyber-security initiatives. Mr. Joe Thome, Director, Division of Criminal Justice, briefed the committee on the activities and goals of the division.

12:31:10 PM  

Director Thome continued to brief the committee on the Division of Criminal Justice's activities and goals. Director Thome responded to questions regarding the accuracy of crime projections that impact budgeting, and the sentencing and treatment of sex offenders. Discussion ensued regarding the utility of community corrections programming.

12:48:26 PM  

The committee discussed studies undertaken by the Division of Criminal Justice into racial disparities at major decision points in the criminal justice system.

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