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h_phc_2016a_2016-03-15t13:32:45z1 Hearing Summary

Date: 03/15/2016


BILL SUMMARY for Presentation by the DOR and the DHS on Electronic Tranfers Benefits


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01:34 PM -- Presentation by the DOR and the DHS on Electronic Transfers Benefits

Ron Kammerzell, Senior Director of Enforcement, Department of Revenue (DOR), and Katie Griego, Division Director of Employment and Benefits, Department of Human Services (DHS), reported on electronic benefit transfers (EBT). Three handouts were provided to the committee (Attachments A, B, and C). Mr. Kammerzell gave an overview of House Bill 15-1255, which requires DOR and DHS to adopt rules that relate to clients accessing public benefits at prohibited automatic teller machines (ATMs). He discussed collaboration with the DHS to design a system to identify the use of prohibited ATMs and establish a system of reporting. He explained efforts to prohibit and enforce the use of certain ATMs.

160315 AttachA.pdf160315 AttachA.pdf160315 AttachB.pdf160315 AttachB.pdf160315 AttachC.pdf160315 AttachC.pdf

01:37 PM

Ms. Griego listed the public benefits programs that DHS is responsible for and explained steps DHS has taken to prevent prohibited use of certain ATMs to access public benefits. Mr. Kammerzell gave details on the rule making process and described the outreach and education that DOR has utilized.

01:40 PM

Ms. Griego explained how the county human services departments are educating cash recipient about prohibited use of ATMs. She noted that there is signage on prohibited ATMs. Ms. Griego and Mr. Kammerzell gave statistics on the use of prohibited ATMs. Mr. Kammerzell concluded by discussing future outreach and enforcement efforts on the issue.

01:43 PM

Mr. Kammerzell and Ms. Griego responded to questions from the committee about the use of EBT cards, coding of ATM machines, and different ATM machine models.

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