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J_CDC_2023A 03/02/2023 08:32:48 AM Committee Summary

Date 03/02/2023
Catlin X
Lindsay X
Mullica X
Simpson X
Hinrichsen X
Story X
Time 08:32:48 AM to 09:11:10 AM
Place SCR 357
This Meeting was called to order by Story
This Report was prepared by Nina Forbes
Hearing Items Action Taken
Consideration of Senate Bill 23-161 Committee Discussion Only

Consideration of Senate Bill 23-161 - Committee Discussion Only

08:32:58 AM  
President Fenberg, Speaker McCluskie, Senator Will, and Minority Leader Lynch, co-prime sponsors, introduced an explained Senate Bill 23-161 Financing To Purchase Firefighting Aircraft. The bill requires the state treasurer to finance the purchase of a Blackhawk firefighting helicopter.
08:35:10 AM  
President Fenberg and Senator Will responded to questions from the committee. Mike Morgan, Director of the Division of Fire Control Department of Public Safety, answered questions from the committee. Speaker McCluskie answered additional questions from the committee.
08:51:51 AM  
The sponsors answered additional questions from the committee.
08:52:03 AM  
Senator Fenberg explained
Amendment L.001 (Attachment A), which will be introduced in Senate Finance.

08:54:12 AM  
Director Morgan answered additional questions from the committee.
09:00:01 AM  
Director Morgan continued
to answer questions from the committee.
09:07:48 AM  
Representative Story
proposed that the bill be laid over for CDC recommendation until the committee
receives additional requested information.

09:11:10 AM   The committee adjourned.

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