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J_CDC_2023A 04/04/2023 08:24:05 AM Committee Summary

Date 04/04/2023
Catlin X
Lindsay X
Mullica X
Simpson X
Hinrichsen *
Story X
Time 08:24:05 AM to 08:54:07 AM
Place SCR 357
This Meeting was called to order by Story
This Report was prepared by Nina Forbes
Hearing Items Action Taken
Consideration of Potential Committee Legislation Committee Discussion Only
Consideration of Senate Bill 23-250 Pursuant to Senate Rule 42 Committee Discussion Only

Consideration of Potential Committee Legislation - Committee Discussion Only

08:31:13 AM  
Nicole Myers, Office of Legislative Legal Services, explained a draft bill concerning the allocation for Art in Public Places for 2022-23. Brief committee discussion ensued. Ms. Myers answered questions from the committee. The committee agreed to introduce the bill as a Senate bill with Senator Simpson and Senator Mullica agreed to introduce it in the Senate and Representative Lindsay and Representative Story agreed to sponsor it in the House, Rep Catlin and Sen Hinrichsen co-sponsor. Ms. Meyers gave some additional comments.

08:32:50 AM
Motion Approve the introduction of the Art in Public Places bill as a CDC bill.
Moved Hinrichsen
Catlin Yes
Lindsay Yes
Mullica Yes
Simpson Yes
Hinrichsen Yes
Story Yes
YES: 6   NO: 0   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS

Consideration of Senate Bill 23-250 Pursuant to Senate Rule 42 - Committee Discussion Only

08:33:35 AM  
Senator Mullica and
Representative Catlin, co-prime sponsors, introduced and explained Senate
Bill 23-250 Transfer From Severance Tax Operations Cash Fund. The bill
authorizes certain energy-related capital construction expenditures at
two state institutions of higher education.  The sponsors explained
that they were able to find some funds to fund the Colorado Mesa University's
Geothermal Exchange Loop project and Western Colorado University's Hurst
Hall Lab Renovation project. Senator Mullica summarized the process of
discussing these projects during the capital request process and how the
sponsors were able to find additional funding for these projects.  Representative
Catlin added comments explaining the motivation behind this bill.  Senator
Mullica discussed importance of return on investment (ROI) for these projects.
 Senator Mullica and Representative Catlin answered questions from
the committee.
08:53:36 AM  
The committee laid
over action on this item to a later date.

08:54:07 AM   The committee adjourned.

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