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s_jud_2016a_2017-01-04t08:35:00z2 Hearing Summary

Date: 01/04/2017


CCJJ SMART Act and Joint Rule 25 Presentation


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11:05 AM -- CCJJ SMART Act and Joint Rule 25 Presentation

Mr. Stan Hilkey, Chair, and Mr. Doug Wilson, Vice Chair, Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice (CCJJ), appeared before the committee pursuant to the SMART Government Act and Joint Rule 25. Chairman Hilkey briefed the committee on the role and activities of the commission, including the make-up of the commission, and the commission's various subcommittees and task forces. Mr. Wilson provided input on the Mental Health/Jails Task Force, the Juvenile Continuity Task Force, the Data Sharing Task Force, and other CCJJ task forces and initiatives.

11:15 AM

Mr. Hilkey and Mr. Wilson continued their presentation, beginning with an explanation of various sentencing reforms. Mr. Wilson responded to a question concerning the complexity of sentencing statutes. Mr. Hilkey explained the adoption of evidence-based decision making practices. They also provided a summary of recent committee bills.

11:25 AM

Mr. Hilkey and Mr. Wilson explained current CCJJ legislative recommendations and upcoming CCJJ work. They responded to questions from the committee concerning CCJJ process, and task forces that were not discussed during the presentation.

11:37 AM

They continued to respond to committee questions about the work of the CCJJ, specifically how procedural changes may affect the recommendations that CCJJ may make on certain subjects. The following person testified regarding CCJJ:

11:41 AM --
Ms. Christie Donner, representing the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition, expressed certain frustrations with the way that CCJJ operates. Ms. Donner responded to questions regarding the potential for making statutory changes that might initiate activity by the commission.

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