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Date: 12/22/2016


Presentation from the Department of Transportation


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The committee was called to order. A quorum was present.

09:02 AM -- Presentation from the Colorado Department of Transportation

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Executive Director Shailen Bhatt came to the table to discuss CDOT's priorities, goals, and budget. He distributed a presentation handout, the CDOT 2016-17 performance plan, and the CDOT monthy EMT L2 scorecard to the committee (Attachments A, B, and C, respectively). Director Bhatt answered several committee questions regarding Utah's transportation funding, the Volkswagon refund, and CDOT's contracting budget.

Attachment A.pdfAttachment A.pdfAttachment B.pdfAttachment B.pdf

09:20 AM

Director Bhatt continued by discussing the department's customer service goals and its FY 2016-17 performance plan (Attachment B). He also noted that distracted driving is the main factor in rising road fatalities. Mr. Josh Laipply, CDOT's Chief Engineer, responded to some questions on current CDOT projects. Additionally, Director Bhatt discussed CDOT's safety initiatives.

09:43 AM

Mr. Laipply continued by discussing road pavement conditions. He also answered several questions regarding road service life and the pavement of bridges. Director Bhatt responded to a question about bonding and noted that potential bond service payments may come out of the paving budget.

10:11 AM

Mr. Laipply continued by discussing commutes and travel time reliability. Mr. Laipply and Director Bhatt answered several questions regarding the use of the new I-70 mountain express lane.

10:27 AM

Mr. Laipply and Director Bhatt continued by discussing CDOT's RoadX projects and CDOT's efficiency projects. Director Bhatt answered a committee question regarding contracting issues, such contractors payment issues. Director Bhatt noted that the process is becoming more efficient, especially reimbursements, and the number of complaints has fallen.

10:34 AM

Director Bhatt continued by discussing CDOT's upcoming proposed legislative initiatives and rule changes. Committee discussion ensued regarding road conditions on the I-70 corridor, potential legislation to address I-70 traffic fatalities, motorcycle fatalities, and primary seat belt laws.

11:11 AM

Committee discussion ensued regarding CDOT's work with contractors, employee pay raises, and the use of consultants.
Senator Scott distributed several handouts to the committee (Attachments D, E, F, and G).

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