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S_TRA_2018A 01/25/2018 10:36:21 AM Committee Summary

Date 01/25/2018
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Time 10:36:21 AM to 11:20:07 AM
Place RM 271
This Meeting was called to order by Winter
This Report was prepared by Jessika Shipley
Hearing Items Action Taken
Presentation from the Joint Budget Committee Committee Discussion Only
Presentation from Fiscal Analysts and Research Staff Committee Discussion Only

Presentation from the Joint Budget Committee - Committee Discussion Only

10:37:52 AM  

Representatives Hamner, Rankin, and Young, representing the Joint Budget Committee (JBC), came to the table to discuss the FY 2018-19 budget requests related to the work of the transportation committees.  She explained that the JBC would appreciate input from the committees on the development of the Long Bill. Representative Rankin referenced the JBC Staff Budget Briefing Summary, which can be found at [Attachment A].  He indicated that the discussion would cover the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), the Public Utilities Commission, and the Colorado Energy Office.

10:43:46 AM  

Representative Rankin spoke about the Senate Bill 17-267 transfers that involve CDOT.  He discussed the major issues in the budget related to the Colorado Energy Office and the PUC.  The committee discussed the design and build work at CDOT.  Representative Young explained how FTE are allocated to the departments.  Discussion continued on this matter.

10:48:47 AM  

Senator Baumgardner asked questions about fixed and indirect costs of transportation infrastructure.  The committee had a conversation about the overall budget and how much General Fund is available to use in developing the FY 2018-19 budget.  The JBC members spoke about stressors on the budget and federal income tax reform.

10:56:05 AM  

Senator Moreno talked about administration costs at CDOT, which comprise 2 percent of their overall budget.  He explained that the full JBC staff briefing document is available online.  The discussion turned to the $380 million from certificates of participation (COPs) for transportation needs.  The committee talked about the difference between lease-purchase agreements (COPs) and bonding, which requires a vote of the people.

11:05:03 AM  

The committee asked for information about the difference in costs between issuing COPs and bonding.  The discussion turned to the PUC budget in light of a new fine levied on transportation network companies.  Representative Hamner wrapped up the JBC's presentation and agreed to get back to the committees with any outstanding issues.

11:10:00 AM  
More questions about COPs arose. The JBC members spoke about the $9 billion need that CDOT has identified for transportation infrastructure funding.

Presentation from Fiscal Analysts and Research Staff - Committee Discussion Only

11:15:22 AM  
Ryan Long and Katie Ruedebusch, representing Legislative Council Staff, came to the table to introduce the fiscal analysts that will work with the transportation committees. Mr. Long discussed the new fiscal note form that is being rolled out this session [Attachment B]. Ms. Ruedebusch spoke about the services provided by the committee staff.

11:20:07 AM   Committee Adjourned

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