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Ballot Analysis Drafts & Deadlines

The preparation of the ballot information booklet by the Legislative Council Staff involves writing and distributing for public comment several drafts of an analysis for each statewide ballot measure.  The analysis must include a summary of the measure, the major arguments both for and against the measure, and a brief fiscal assessment of the measure.  The analysis may also include any other information that will help voters understand the purpose and effect of a measure.  Any person may file written comments for Legislative Council Staff consideration during the preparation of an analysis.  The following links provide the Legislative Council Staff drafts, staff contacts, and deadlines for each ballot analysis.

Draft Ballot Analyses

Measure Research Staff Fiscal Staff Election Year Ballot Status
Amendment 78
Legislative Authority for Spending State Money
(TL) Matt Bishop
Greg Sobetski
Luisa Altmann
Greg Sobetski 2021 Completed
Proposition 119
Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program
(TL) Rachel Kurtz-Phelan
Aaron Carpenter
Nina Forbes
Aaron Carpenter 2021 Completed
Proposition 120
Property Tax Assessment Rate Reduction
(TL) Anna Gerstle
Anne Wallace
Annie Kitch
Anna Gerstle 2021 Completed