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Staff Assignments

Carolyn Kampman
Staff Director


Department Assignments: 

Steve Allen
Principal Legislative Analyst


Department Assignments: 

Christina Beisel
Principal Legislative Analyst


Department Assignments: 
Health Care Policy & Financing (Behavioral Health Community Programs)
Human Services (Office of Operations, Office of Behavioral Health, Office of the Ombudsman for Behavioral Health Access to Care (in EDO))
Law (Attorney General’s Office)
Public Safety (Disaster Emergency Fund (lead))
Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement
House Appropriations Committee Coordinator

Amanda Bickel
Chief Legislative Analyst


Department Assignments: 
Higher Education
Labor & Employment
Military & Veterans Affairs

Justin Brakke
Legislative Analyst


Department Assignments: 
Natural Resources (Executive Director's Office, Division of Parks & Wildlife, Colorado Water Conservation Board, Division of Water Resources)
Public Safety

Tom Dermody
Principal Legislative Analyst


Department Assignments: 
Human Services (Office of Information Technology Services (HIPPA Security Remediation; and CBMS Emergency Processing Unit (in EDO)), County Administration, Office of Early Childhood, 
    Office of Self Sufficiency (SNAP Quality Assurance (in EDO)), Adult Assistance Programs, Records & Reports of At-Risk Adult Abuse or Neglect (in EDO))
Public Health & Environment (Environmental Divisions: Administration and Support (A&S), Laboratory Services, Air Pollution and Control, Water Quality Control, Hazardous Materials and 
    Waste Management, Div. of Environmental Health & Sustainability)
Senate Appropriations Committee Coordinator

Andrew Forbes
Legislative Analyst


Department Assignments:
Public Health & Environment (Health Divisions: Office of Health Equity; Office of Planning,  Partnerships, and Improvement (in A&S), Center for Health & Environ. Information, 
    Disease Control & Environment Epidemiology, Prevention Services Division, Health Facilities & Emergency Medical Services, 
    Emergency Preparedness and Response)
Regulatory Agencies

Craig Harper
Chief Legislative Analyst


Department Assignments: 
Education, Public School Finance
Marijuana Tax Policy

Alfredo Kemm
Principal Legislative Analyst


Department Assignments: 
Capital Construction (Controlled Maintenance; Capital Renewal and Recapitalization; and Capital Expansion Information Technology Projects)
Natural Resources (Division of Reclamation, Mining & Safety, Oil & Gas Conservation Commission, State Board of Land Commissioners, Severance Tax Policy)
Personnel (Compensation Common Policies)
Revenue (Executive Director’s Office, Taxation Business Group)
Public Employee's Retirement Association

Eric Kurtz
Chief Legislative Analyst


Department Assignments: 
Community Provider Rate Common Policy
Health Care Policy & Financing (Executive Director’s Office, Medical Services Premiums, Indigent Care Program, Other Medical Services)

Mike Mann
Legislative Analyst
Diva Mardones
Administrative Assistant II


Administrative assistance for the Joint Budget Committee and its staff

Jessi Neuberg
General Professional II


Administrative assistance for the Joint Budget Committee and its staff

Robin Smart
Principal Legislative Analyst


Department Assignments: 
Health Care Policy & Financing (Office of Community Living)
Human Services (Executive Director's Office (Indirect Costs), Division of Child Welfare, Services for People with Disabilities, Division of Youth Services)

Scott Thompson
Principal Legislative Analyst


Department Assignments:
    Office of Information Technology Common Policies
Personnel (Executive Director’s Office, Division of Human Resources, Constitutionally Ind. Entities (Personnel Board), Division of Central Services, Division of Accounts and Control, Administrative Courts, Division of Capital Assets, Operating Common Policies)

Andrea Uhl
Legislative Analyst


Department Assignments:
Local Affairs
    Federal Mineral Lease Revenues
Revenue (Information Technology Division, Division of Motor Vehicles, Enforcement Business Group, Limited Gaming revenues (lead), State Lottery Division)
State (Secretary of State)