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Kei Vehicle Roadway Registration For Use

Concerning authorization to drive a kei vehicle on public roadways if the kei vehicle is registered with the state.
2016 Regular Session
Transportation & Motor Vehicles
Bill Summary

The bill authorizes a person to drive a kei vehicle on a roadway if it is registered with the division of motor vehicles. A person must be licensed to drive a kei vehicle. The registration costs $15, specific ownership tax is $3, and the kei vehicle is issued a license plate. Kei vehicles must follow the rules of the road and cannot be driven on limited-access highways or roads with a speed limit that is greater than 55 miles per hour. Kei vehicles must have insurance. To be used on the road, a kei vehicle must have, in good working order:
  • Brakes;
  • Headlamps and tail lights;
  • Turn signals;
  • A windshield and windshield wipers;
  • Rear-view mirrors; and
  • Seatbelts.

The bill provides for titling kei vehicles as off-highway vehicles. The bill also clarifies that a dealer in kei vehicles has to be licensed, but current dealers are exempt.

(Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced.)




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Rep. J. Becker
Sen. J. Cooke