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Date Feb 25, 2020      
Location LSB A

HB20-1186 - Postponed Indefinitely

02:49:13 PM  

The committee recessed.

02:52:26 PM  

The committee came back to order.  Representative Liston, bill sponsor, presented House Bill 20-1186. The bill requires that the Colorado Department of Education notify teachers of their right to opt-in or opt-out of membership in an employee organization.

02:59:13 PM  

Amie Baca-Oehlert, Colorado Education Association, testified in opposition to the bill. She answered questions from the committee.

03:08:34 PM  

Representative Liston answered questions from the committee. Ms. Baca-Oehlert answered additional questions from the committee.

03:10:43 PM  

Dr. Elizabeth Davis, Professional Association of Colorado Educators, testified in support of the bill.

03:14:38 PM  

Kaylynn Johnson, representing herself, testified in support of the bill.

03:16:41 PM  

Dr. Davis answered questions from the committee.

03:22:26 PM  

Dennis Dougherty, Colorado AFL-CIO, testified in opposition to the bill.

03:26:31 PM  

Representative Liston provided concluding remarks about the bill. Committee members made comments regarding the bill.

03:31:02 PM
Motion Refer House Bill 20-1186 to the Committee of the Whole.
Moved Williams D.
Seconded Humphrey
Duran Excused
Humphrey Yes
Lontine No
Rich Yes
Sirota No
Williams D. Yes
Woodrow No
Jaquez Lewis No
Kennedy No
YES: 3   NO: 5   EXC: 1   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  FAIL

03:31:16 PM
Motion Postpone House Bill 20-1186 indefinitely using a reversal of the previous roll call. There was no objection to the use of the reverse roll call, therefore, the bill was postponed indefinitely.
Moved Jaquez Lewis
Seconded Lontine
Duran Excused
Humphrey No
Lontine Yes
Rich No
Sirota Yes
Williams D. No
Woodrow Yes
Jaquez Lewis Yes
Kennedy Yes
Final YES: 5   NO: 3   EXC: 1   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS

The effective date for bills enacted without a safety clause is August 7, 2024, if the General Assembly adjourns sine die on May 8, 2024, unless otherwise specified. Details