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Date May 20, 2021      
Location Old State Library

Review the publications contract request for proposals (RFP) - Committee Discussion Only

08:21:08 AM  

Jennifer Gilroy, Revisor of Statutes, Office of Legislative Legal Services, testified before the Committee. Ms. Gilroy presented the draft Colorado Revised Statutes and Session Laws publications request for proposal (RFP) and contract and explained that statute requires that the contract must be put out for bid every ten years and that it must be awarded six months before the current contract expires, which is June 30, 2022. Ms. Gilroy also gave an overview of the timeline from posting the RFP to awarding the contract.

Senator Lee asked a question that Ms. Gilroy answered.

Representative Snyder was present at 8:15 a.m.

Senator Lee and Ms. Gilroy discussed the cost difference to the public between physical copies of the C.R.S. and the CD-ROM version of the statutes, which is updated throughout the year.

Representative Weissman and Ms. Gilroy discussed the different digital versions of the C.R.S. that are online and who publishes them.

Senator Gardner and Ms. Gilroy discussed the public sales price of the C.R.S.

Representative Soper was present at 8:31 a.m.

08:39:30 AM  

Senator Gardner and Ms. Gilroy discussed the factors the Committee will be considering in choosing a publications contractor, the fact that the constitution and statute require that the contract be rewarded to the lowest responsible bidder, and how statute states that the Committee's decision is final.

Senator Lee and Ms. Gilroy discussed whether there were any issues that had arisen in the current contact that can be remedied by including changes in the new RFP.

Ms. Gilroy asked the Committee if the Session Laws and C.R.S. contract can be combined and the Committee agreed. She also asked for permission to use electronic proposal submissions and the Committee agreed. Finally, she asked for the Committee's permission to amend the RFP before finalizing it and the Committee approved.

Senator Buckner and Ms. Gilroy discussed how many proposals we have received in the past in response to the RFP.