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Date Feb 26, 2019      
Location HCR 0107

HB19-1186 - Amended, referred to the Committee of the Whole

01:54:33 PM  

Representative McLachlan, sponsor, presented House Bill 19-1186, concerning school employment background check clarification.  The bill harmonizes each section of statute related to a fingerprint-based criminal history background check for education professionals to allow individuals uniform options for obtaining the fingerprints.  In all instances, the bill allows for fingerprints obtained by a qualified law enforcement agency, an authorized employer; or any third-party vendor approved by the Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI).  Representative McLachlan answered committee questions about the bill.

02:03:10 PM  

The following people provided testimony:

02:03:28 PM  

John Camper, CBI, testified in a neutral position on the bill and discussed the fingerprinting program created by Senate Bill 17-189.

02:07:42 PM  

Chris Andrst, CBI, was present for questions only.

02:08:04 PM  

Mr. Andrst and Mr. Camper responded to committee questions regarding the bill and the cost of fingerprints at law enforcement agencies and third-party vendors.

02:12:18 PM  

Ron Sloan, Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police, testified in opposition to the bill and responded to questions from the committee.

02:21:48 PM  

Ty Valentine, Colorado Association of School Executives (CASE), Colorado Association of School Personnel Administrators, testified in support of the bill.

02:26:28 PM  

Michelle Murphy, Colorado Rural Schools Alliance, testified in support of the bill.

02:29:04 PM  
Lisa Escarcega, CASE, testified in support of the bill.
02:31:12 PM  

Jack Harper, Secure Outcomes, testified in support the bill.

02:35:19 PM  

Ms. Murphy explained Amendment L.001, which was distributed to the committee (Attachment B). The amendment removes a notary requirement from the bill. The above panel responded to questions from the committee.

02:41:11 PM
Motion Adopt amendment L.001
Moved McLachlan
Seconded Buckner
Michaelson Jenet
YES: 0   NO: 0   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  Pass Without Objection
02:41:15 PM  

Representative McLachlan made concluding comments about the bill.

02:46:42 PM
Motion Refer House Bill 19-1186, as amended, to the Committee of the Whole.
Moved McLachlan
Seconded McCluskie
Baisley Yes
Buckner Yes
Catlin Yes
Coleman Yes
Cutter Yes
Exum Yes
Geitner Yes
Larson Yes
McCluskie Yes
Michaelson Jenet Excused
Wilson Yes
Buentello Yes
McLachlan Yes
Final YES: 12   NO: 0   EXC: 1   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS

The effective date for bills enacted without a safety clause is August 7, 2024, if the General Assembly adjourns sine die on May 8, 2024, unless otherwise specified. Details