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433B40E8FF96CCFE872588A100590DC4 Hearing Summary


Date Aug 17, 2022      
Location SCR 357

Bill Draft Requests - Committee Discussion Only

10:12:45 AM  

Chair Weissman and Vice-Chair Carver discussed the committee's scope and charge.  They distributed a document outling suggested bill draft requests (Attachment C).  Vice-Chair Carver noted that one bill is for a constitutional amendmend and the other is for statutory changes to the Commission on Judicial Discipline. 


10:37:15 AM  
Committee members discussed Measure 1, as
outlined in the attachment.  Discussion ensued about confidentiality.
 There were no objections to Measure 1.
10:43:07 AM  

Committee members discussed Measure 2, as outlined in Attachment C.  Committee members discussed subpoena power, safe reporting, complainant procedural rights, and data collection.   Committee discussion ensued about overlap with the other measure and contingent language. 


11:02:53 AM  

Committee members asked questions about data collection and sharing. 

Committee members had no objections to Measure 2 as a bill draft request. 

11:13:49 AM  

The committee discussed a possible bill draft request about an ombuds position to triage and track complaints.  Committee members had no objections to a bill draft request for an ombuds position within the Judicial Department. 


11:25:46 AM  

Committee members raised questions about statutes of  limitations for judicial misconduct cases, citing concerns about delays.  Another issue was raised about the chief justice acting as the executive of the Judicial Department. 

11:29:22 AM  

Chair Weissman made closing remarks.

Conrad Imel, Office of Legislative Legal Services, discussed the bill draft request process and associated timelines. 

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