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Date Dec 14, 2018      
Location Old State Library

SMART Act Presentation, Department of Military and Veterans Affairs - Committee Discussion Only

01:34:55 PM  

Representative Foote called the meeting to order. A meeting agenda was distributed [Attachment A]. Representative Foote stated that Representative-elect Duran was joining the committee. He referenced the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) Fiscal Year 2018-19 Performance Plan, which was distributed to the committee [Attachment B].  The DMVA Fiscal Year 2017-18 Annual Performance Evaluation was also distributed to the committee [Attachment C].

01:36:47 PM  

Major General Michael A. Loh, Adjutant General, introduced himself to the committee. He reviewed the handout provided to the committee [Attachment D]. He highlighted information about the Division of the Colorado National Guard and Division of Veterans Affairs. He discussed the composition of the Colorado Board of Veterans Affairs.

01:40:03 PM  

Mickey Hunt, Deputy Executive Director, answered questions from the committee regarding the assistance provided to veterans on the department's website and other outreach efforts. He discussed the online resource center that is being implemented.

01:42:53 PM  

Major General Loh answered questions about replacing aircraft for the Colorado National Guard.

01:43:55 PM  

Major General Loh continued the presentation by discussing the Division of Civil Air Patrol. He discussed the search and research missions that the Civil Air Patrol and Colorado National Guard was involved in during the last two years.

01:45:53 PM  

Major General Loh highlighted the department's budget requests and 2019 legislative agenda.  The DMVA legislative agenda includes providing continuous funding for the Western Region OneSource, establishing a Women Veterans License Plate, and updating the state awards program. He answered questions regarding Colorado National Guard involvement in the recent California wildfires.

01:47:53 PM  

Major General Loh continued his presentation regarding the department's performance plan. He highlighted the efforts to address mental health assistance within the department. He reviewed the department goal of increasing understanding of veterans' needs and their customer service experience with veterans service officers across the state. Major General Loh discussed the enhancement of DMVA infrastucture.

01:52:07 PM  

Major General Loh reviewed the lean update provided in the handout.  He reviewed the completed lean projects that include improving the department's accounting fuctions and preparing for military support operations.  He discussed the current and future lean projects, which include improving customer service, decreasing time for on-boarding new employees, and developing a unified training model.

01:54:16 PM  

Representative Foote acknowledge the arrival of Representative-elect Sirota. Representative Foote discussed the National Guard's involvement in flood recovery. No witnesses participated in public testimony. The committee recessed.

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