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cc_hb18-1295_2018a_2018-04-30t08:31:39z0 Hearing Summary

HB18-1295 - Lay Over

08:32:35 AM  

The conference committee was called to order by Senator Coram, there was a quorum present.  Members received a draft of the first report of the first conference committee on House Bill 18-1295  [Attachment A].  Senator Coram distributed a list of patents assigned to GW Pharma Limited  [Attachment B].  

08:35:43 AM  

Jennifer Berman, Office of Legislative Legal Services, explained the first report of the first conference committee. The report states that the House accede to the Senate amendments made to the bill with changes. Discussion regarding the report ensued.

08:39:20 AM  
Ms. Berman explained that the members would have to request to go beyond the scope of the bill in each chamber. Ms. Berman explained why permission to go beyond the scope would be necessary to move forward with the report.
08:42:20 AM  
Representative Salazar discussed the report and stated that he would like to move forward with the report. Ms. Berman responded to questions from members and discussion regarding the report ensued.
08:49:36 AM  

Senator Coram requested that the conference committee reconvene at 8:00 am on Tuesday, May 1, 2018, for members to make a final decision on the report as drafted by Ms. Berman.

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