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Date Jan 31, 2020      
Location Old State Library

Sex Offender Management Board Presentation Pursuant to Section 16-11.7-109, C.R.S. - Committee Discussion Only

11:27:24 AM  

Representative Weissman called the meeting to order and made opening remarks.

The Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB) annual legislative report was distributed (Attachment A). 

John Odenheimer, Sex Offender Management Board vice-chair and community corrections representative, provided an overview of the SOMB and its membership.  He also discussed the SOMB standards and guidelines and the upcoming sunset review. 

Chris Lobanov-Rostovsky, administrator, Sex Offender Management Unit, Office of Domestic Violence and Sex Offender Management, Department of Public Safety, discussed research and standards regarding sex offender treatment and supervision.  He provided an update about webcasting meetings and an electronic library repository for meeting minutes and audio recordings.  He also explained the data collection process for providers and polygraph examiners.  He further discussed the sunset review process and recommendations in it, including sexually violent predator definitions.  He explained using a risk identification system and using research and evidence to drive decision-making. 


11:50:55 AM  

Discussion followed about the juvenile sex offender registry.  Further discussion ensued about the revision of standards for limiting the use of polygraphs on juvenile offenders.  The committee raised questions about conflicts of interest between board members and polygraph providers. 

11:58:45 AM  

Dr. Carl Blake, member of the SOMB Application and Review Committee and juvenile revisions chair, and Division of Youth Services representative, discussed the numerous changes made in regards to juvenile polygraphs and the juvenile sex offender registry. 

Angel Weant, SOMB Adult Standards Revisions Committee chair and judicial representative, provided updates on the family engagement guide to educate families and professionals.  She also discussed the SOMB collaborative relationship with Probation. 



12:08:53 PM  

Allison Boyd, SOMB Victim Advocacy Committee Chair and victim representative, discussed the board's work in developing standards that help change behavior patterns.

Amanda Gall, SOMB member and district attorney representative, discussed how standardization helps decision-makers.

The committee asked questions about polygraphs and who pays for them.

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