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Date Nov 8, 2021      
Location SCR 352

Task Force Discussion - Committee Discussion Only

01:01:54 PM  
The task force discussed next steps.  Director
Meyers asked whether there was a process to allow proposals to come before
the task force for evaluation. Senator Moreno asked the subpanel to discuss
their comfort level with making specific recommendations for funding, and
Dr. Resnick responded that the subpanel could support the task force.  Director
Meyers commented on whether the subpanel could provide a gap analysis.
Dr. Resnick stated that the subpanel could identify areas of greatest need.
Representative Valdez asked for an identification of the gap areas by impact.
He further asked if there could be research conducted on how other states
have addressed similar challenges.
01:10:49 PM  
Senator Moreno asked if the subcommittee
has capacity to evaluate specific proposals through the subcommittee's
rubric. Dr. Resnick expressed concern that the funding options were not
fully conceived into specific options, and thus would be difficult to evaluate
using the rubric.  She stated that the subcommittee could assist in
evaluating the proposals that are identified as promising by the task force.
Senator Moreno discussed how to create a portal to submit funding ideas
that could be shared with the subcommittee for evaluation. Elizabeth Burger,
Legislative Council Staff, commented on the timing for the task force to
approve recommendations and submit its final report.
01:20:14 PM  

Dr. Resnick commented on the subpanel's comfort level with making funding recommendations. She stated that the final funding decisions should be made by the task force, but the subpanel is comfortable conducting evaluations of proposals. The task force discussed whether the task force's report should contain specific proposals for funding. The committee discussed the elements of the task force's report, and whether funding proposals could be included as an attachment to the final report. 

The task force moved its next meeting to 3:30 on December 7. It was decided that the subpanel would revise the draft report to make recommendations on broad areas of focus and flesh out the decision-making rubric. The task force decided to discuss at its December 7 meeting how to receive submissions of funding proposals.

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