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h_jud_2017a_2017-02-23t13:35:34z2 Hearing Summary

Date: 02/23/2017

Location: HCR 0112


BILL SUMMARY for HB17-1110


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06:07 PM -- HB17-1110

Representative Beckman, prime sponsor, presented House Bill 17-1110, concerning juvenile court jurisdiction regarding matters related to parental responsibilities in a juvenile delinquency case. Representative Beckman explained the effect of the bill and discussed its need. The following persons testified regarding the bill:

06:12 PM --
Ms. Julie Thomerson, representing Adams County and Colorado Counties, Inc., testified in support of the bill. Ms. Thomerson explained how the bill would allow juvenile courts to facilitate the creation of a parenting plan for juvenile delinquents. Ms. Thomerson clarified the reasoning behind the removal of certain language in existing law by the bill, and how a case would be filed in district court under the bill. Ms. Thomerson responded to questions regarding certain notifications required by the bill.

06:27 PM --
Ms. Ruchi Kapoor, representing the Office of the Respondent Parents' Counsel, testified in opposition to the bill. Ms. Kapoor expressed concerns about the bill regarding the protections of the rights of parents, and addressed questions raised during earlier testimony. She discussed the propriety of appointing advisory counsel for certain parties involved in juvenile delinquency cases under the bill. Ms. Kapoor responded to questions regarding the potential for amending the bill to address her organization's concerns. Ms. Kapoor addressed additional questions. Discussion ensued regarding a forthcoming amendment to the bill.

06:40 PM

Discussion continued regarding the effect of amendment L.001 (Attachment F), and certain reservations Ms. Kapoor had with the amendment. Discussion ensued regarding the term "stipulated" in the bill.


06:44 PM --
Ms. Maureen Cain, representing the Office of the State Public Defender, testified in opposition to HB 17-1110. Ms. Cain explained how the bill would expand the role of the State Public Defender into areas that are outside the office's statutory mandate. Ms. Cain responded to questions regarding the potential for amending the bill to address the office's concerns.

06:50 PM --
Ms. Lydia Waligorski, representing the Rocky Mountain Children's Law Center, testified in support of the bill. Ms. Waligorski read the testimony of Ms. Laurel Markus.

06:53 PM --
Ms. Dorothy Macias, representing the Office of the Child's Representative, testified on the bill from an informational perspective. Ms. Macias expressed some concerns with the bill, and explained the types of circumstances to which the bill would apply. Ms. Macias addressed some issues raised during earlier testimony. Discussion ensued regarding the genesis of amendment L.001. Ms. Macias clarified the office's position on the bill, and responded to questions regarding notifying absent parents about proceedings taking place under the bill. Discussion returned to the efficacy of the language in amendment L.001.

07:05 PM

Discussion continued regarding potential clarifying amendments to HB 17-1110.

07:07 PM --
Mr. Mike Valentine, representing Arapahoe County, testified in support of the bill. Mr. Valentine discussed the benefits of the bill for juveniles, and the clarifying aspects of HB 17-1110. Mr. Valentine addressed concerns expressed about the bill during earlier testimony. Mr. Valentine responded to additional questions regarding the parental notification issue, and the applicability of the bill to parental rights.

07:19 PM

Discussion continued regarding the potential abrogation of parental rights during the proceedings affected by the bill. Discussion ensued regarding the size of the population that would be affected by HB 17-1110. Mr. Valentine provided clarification regarding what constitutes custody of a child, and how the bill affects kinship placement. Mr. Valentine responded to questions regarding current practice for care of the child population affected by the bill, and a proposed alternative method for resolving the types of cases affected by the bill.

07:34 PM

Discussion returned to parental notification under the bill. Representative Beckman noted some additional entities that support the bill.

07:42 PM

The chair laid over HB 17-1110 for further action on Tuesday, February 28.

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