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h_phc_2017a_2017-02-02t13:36:54z4 Hearing Summary

Date: 02/02/2017

Location: RM 271


Presentation by Connect for Health Colorado Board of Directors


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03:59 PM -- Presentation by Connect for Health Colorado Board of Directors

Kevin Patterson, Chief Executive Officer, Connect for Health Colorado, came to the table and made opening comments. A packet containing five documents was distributed to the committee (Attachments F, G, H, I, and J).

170202 AttachF.pdf170202 AttachF.pdf170202 AttachG.pdf170202 AttachG.pdf ( Attach H 170202 AttachI.pdf170202 AttachI.pdf 170202 AttachJ.pdf170202 AttachJ.pdf

04:02 PM

Adela Flores-Brennan, Board Chair, referred to Attachment F during her presentations, and discussed the history and development of Connect for Health Colorado, the insurance carriers involvement in the marketplace, and the Advance Premium Tax Credit.

04:06 PM

Mr. Patterson discussed the consumer shopping tool that is available to customers on the exchange website. He stated that this tool was ranked at number two among the similar tools used by the 12 state-based exchanges and the federal exchange. Mr. Patterson responded to committee questions about the 2017 Insurance Exchange Websites Scorecard (Attachment G). In response to a question from the committee, Mr. Patterson stated that most of the insurance plans offered on the exchange are health maintenance organization plans and preferred provider organization plans. He responded to questions about the number of insurance companies that offer plans on the exchange, and the concern that, in some areas of the state, only one insurer offers individual insurance plans.

04:15 PM

Marc Reece, Connect for Health Colorado Board Member, responded to questions about the number of carriers offering plans on the exchange.

04:16 PM

Mr. Patterson discussed the financial details of Connect to Health Colorado referring to page 11 of Attachment F and responded to questions about other states' exchanges that have failed. He discussed the recent federal audit of the exchange which cited the exchange administration for not accurately accounting for the disbursement of federal grants during the startup period.

04:29 PM

Mr. Patterson responded to questions about the following: the demographic of exchange clients; the cost to eliminate the state-based exchange and utilizing the federal exchange; the carrier fee assessed by the exchange; the operating costs and sustainability of the exchange; and the cost to close the exchange and utilize the federal exchange. Committee discussion followed.

04:41 PM

Mr. Patterson referenced the 2016 Annual Report (Attachment H). He pointed to the number of both individual and small business enrollees in 2016, the reduction in the state's uninsured rate, the average insurance premium and the average tax credit received by enrollees. Mr. Patterson responded to questions about the 2017 budget projections. He discussed the actions taken by the exchange to reduce expenses and told the committee that he can provide updated financial information to the committee. Committee discussion followed about the impact to Colorado if the exchange closed.

04:41 PM

Mr. Reece responded to questions about whether insurers would offer more plans in certain areas of the state if Colorado utilized the federal exchange. Committee discussion and questions followed about Form 1095-A distributed to customers by the exchange, and large deductible plans.

04:52 PM --
Ian McMahon, Connect for Health Colorado, responded to questions about the cost sharing provision of the Affordable Care Act.

04:54 PM

Mr. Patterson responded to questions about whether the exchange will be required to repay federal funds if the exchange closes and Colorado utilizes the federal exchange.

04:56 PM

Senator Smallwood adjourned the meeting.

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