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H_TLG_2020A 01/22/2020 01:32:15 PM Committee Summary

Date 01/22/2020
Carver X
Catlin E
Froelich X
Hooton E
Humphrey X
Melton X
Valdez A. *
Valdez D. X
Wilson X
Exum X
Gray X
Time 01:32:15 PM to 01:41:38 PM
Place HCR 0107
This Meeting was called to order by Representative Gray
This Report was prepared by April Bernard
Hearing Items Action Taken
HB20-1030 Referred to House Finance

X = Present, E = Excused, A = Absent, * = Present after roll call

HB20-1030 - Referred to House Finance

01:32:28 PM  

Representatives Gray and Valdez D. introduced House Bill 20-1030 concerning the creation of a single annual fleet overweight permit for a commercial motor vehicle fleet that includes both vehicles that have a quad axle grouping and vehicle combinations with a trailer that has two or three axles. This bill was approved by the Transportation and Legislation Review Committee and allows a fleet owner that has a fleet that includes vehicles of both types to apply for a single annual fleet overweight permit.  The current process requires fleet owners to apply for seperate permits for each type of commercial motor vehicle, quad axle grouping and a trailer with two or three axles.

01:35:13 PM  
The bill sponsors responded to committee questions regarding
changes in revenue related to the bill.
01:36:15 PM  
Greg Fulton, representing the Colorado Motor Carriers Association, testified in support of the bill.
01:36:57 PM  

Committee members questioned the sponsors about the safety clause. Jason Gelender, representing the Office of Legislative Legal Services, answered questions about the safety clause.

01:41:24 PM
Motion Refer House Bill 20-1030 to the Committee on Finance.
Moved Froelich
Seconded Valdez D.
Carver Yes
Catlin Excused
Froelich Yes
Hooton Excused
Humphrey Yes
Melton Yes
Valdez A. Yes
Valdez D. Yes
Wilson Yes
Exum Yes
Gray Yes
Final YES: 9   NO: 0   EXC: 2   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS

01:41:38 PM   The committee adjourned.

The effective date for bills enacted without a safety clause is August 7, 2024, if the General Assembly adjourns sine die on May 8, 2024, unless otherwise specified. Details