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H_TRA_2017A 01/05/2018 01:32:08 PM Committee Summary

Date 01/05/2018
Baumgardner X
Becker J. X
Bridges E
Buck E
Carver E
Cooke E
Coram X
Donovan E
Esgar X
Fenberg E
Fields X
Garcia E
Ginal E
Hansen X
Jackson E
Jones X
Lawrence X
Marble X
McLachlan X
Scott E
Time 01:32:08 PM to 01:55:12 PM
Place RM 271
This Meeting was called to order by Sonnenberg
This Report was prepared by Katie Ruedebusch
Hearing Items Action Taken
Presentation from the Colorado Energy Office Committee Discussion Only

Presentation from the Colorado Energy Office - Committee Discussion Only

01:33:14 PM  
Director Kathleen Stacks, representing
the Colorado Energy Office, came to the table to update the committee on
the work of the Colorado Energy Office.  She stated that office's
goals include increasing compressed natural gas sales by 500 percent, increasing
energy savings by 14.6 percent, increasing low income energy assistance
to $300 in 2018, and assisting clean energy technology providers, with
a focus on hydropower.   She continued by stating that the office's
work in traditional energy sectors is limited due to budget concerns.  She
also spoke about the office's FY 2018-19 budget requests.  
01:42:39 PM  
In response to a committee question, Director
Stacks discussed the office's work in the natural gas sector.  She
described several of the office's partnerships with the state of Utah,
including in the natural gas and electric vehicle sectors.
01:49:53 PM  
Committee discussion on future of the office

01:55:12 PM   Committee Adjourned

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