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J_CDC_2023A 03/09/2023 08:07:13 AM Committee Summary

Date 03/09/2023
Catlin X
Lindsay X
Mullica *
Simpson *
Hinrichsen X
Story X
Time 08:07:13 AM to 09:06:52 AM
Place SCR 357
This Meeting was called to order by Story
This Report was prepared by Bo Pogue
Hearing Items Action Taken
Discuss FY 2023-24 Capital Budget with Joint Budget Committee Committee Discussion Only

Discuss FY 2023-24 Capital Budget with Joint Budget Committee - Committee Discussion Only

08:07:22 AM  
The committee was
called to order.  A quorum was present.  The committee entered
into a discussion with the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) on the Capital
Development Committee's (CDC) FY 2023-24 capital construction recommendation.
 Senator Bridges discussed his preference for moving controlled maintenance
toward the top of the prioritized list.  Representative Story explained
the process by which the committee engaged in its prioritization, and provided
details on the ordering of the projects on the list.  Andrea Uhl,
JBC Staff, provided an update on the certificates of participation (COP)
payments, which represent the first and second priorities on the CDC's
list.  Discussion ensued regarding the movement of the Colorado State
University National Western Center COP payment over to the operating side
of the state budget.  Representative Story continued briefing the
JBC on the reasons behind the CDC's order of capital priorities.  Discussion
ensued regarding funding for the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
Pueblo Field Maintenance Shop and Readiness Center project.
08:27:50 AM  
Representative Story
continued briefing the JBC on the CDC's FY 2023-24 capital construction
priority list.  Discussion ensued regarding prioritizing the Adams
State University Central Technology Building and Renovation project, and
the potential for reprioritizing the project list.  Discussion followed
regarding the project justifications for particular projects, and other
reasons for prioritizing certain projects.  Discussion turned to the
Colorado Mesa University Geothermal Exchange Loop project.
08:46:08 AM  
The JBC and CDC discussed the potential for trimming down the FY 2023-24 capital prioritization list. CDC members explained the need behind two Adams State University projects recommended for funding by the CDC. Discussion ensued regarding funding maintenance at a rate equal to one percent of the current replacement value of state-funded buildings. Representative Story provided additional remarks on overall capital need and the FY 2023-24 project list. Discussion ensued regarding the funding level for capital for FY 2023-24, and potential projects that may move above the funding line.

09:06:52 AM   The committee adjourned.

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