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s_hhs_2017a_2017-04-06t13:33:38z1 Hearing Summary

Date: 04/06/2017

Location: SCR 354


BILL SUMMARY for Presentation by CDPHE on Boards Confirmed by the Senate


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02:40 PM -- Presentation by CDPHE on State Board of Health, Solid and Hazardous Waste Commission, and the Air Quality Control Commission

Mike Silverstein, Colorado Department Of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), came to the table and provided a handout to the committee (Attachment C). Mr. Silverstein addressed Senator Crowder's concern about solid waste rules being enforced by CDPHE in rural areas of the state. Mr. Silverstein referred to Attachment C throughout his presentation. He stated that the priorities of the department include excellent water quality, improved air quality, pragmatic waste management and safe food.

170406 AttachC.pdf170406 AttachC.pdf

02:52 PM

Deborah Nelson, Administrator State Board of Health, provided background about the three boards in CDPHE that have members confirmed by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.

02:57 PM

Mr. Silverstein discussed the composition and role of the Solid and Hazardous Waste Commission. He discussed the inspection process for landfills. Committee discussion followed about inspections of smaller waste management facilities. Discussion about the provision of resources to conduct inspections of facilities followed.

03:08 PM

Mr. Silverstein discussed federal requirements for hazardous waste and explained that there are no federal requirements for the solid waste program.

03:10 PM

Mr. Silverstein discussed the composition and role of the Air Quality Control Commission. He explained that the commission promulgates rules regarding standards, emission limits, and record keeping and reporting requirements for major and minor stationary sources emissions. Committee discussion followed about the gasoline and diesel vehicle emission inspection program.

03:22 PM

Mr. Silverstein continued his presentation. He discussed the funding of the various air quality programs. He discussed designations for nation air quality standards.

03:26 PM

Ms. Nelson discussed the assistance provided by CDPHE staff to the commissions and the State Board of Health and the various stakeholders involved with the commissions and the State Board of Health.

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