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Colorado Water Conservation Board, Construction Fund and Severance Tax Perpetual Base Fund Small Project Loan Report (2016 Calendar Year)


Pursuant to Section 37-60-122(b) of the C.R.S. the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) is required to submit a report by January 15th of each year to the Colorado General Assembly describing the basis of all Construction Fund and Severance Tax Perpetual Base Fund loans authorized by the CWCB under $10,000,000. This report fulfills the CWCB reporting obligations for those “Small Project” loans for calendar year 2016. The report includes a summary spreadsheet identifying each loan approval date, the project sponsor or borrower, the project name, the loan amount, and the name of the County and river basin where the project is located. There were 13 new loan projects under $10,000,000 approved by the CWCB in calendar year 2016. The total loan value is approximately $19.5 million.

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