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Date Mar 5, 2021      
Location HCR 0112

HB21-1032 - Postponed Indefinitely

12:07:42 PM  

Representative Luck, bill sponsor, introduced HB21-1032. This bill allows a local governing body to abrogate all or any portion of a disaster emergency order issued by the Governor when the disaster emergency lasts longer than 30 days, by adopting a resolution, ordinance, law, or rule.  A governing body is required to notify the Governor and any affected state agencies of the adoption.  The state is prohibited from retaliating against a governing body that takes action under the bill.  This includes withholding a monetary payment or any other form of financial assistance.

12:17:36 PM  
Committee members asked questions to Representative Luck about the bill.
12:21:21 PM  

Mayor Don Wilson, representing himself, testified in support of the bill. He spoke about the need for flexibility within local communities.

12:30:15 PM  
Committee members asked questions to Mayor Wilson.
12:31:13 PM  

Commissioner Lori Saine, representing herself, testified in support of the bill.

12:40:07 PM  

Commissioner Amy Mitchell, representing Park County County Commissioner, testified in support of the bill.

12:43:46 PM  

Carmen Bontrager, representing herself, testified in support of the bill.

12:47:06 PM  
Commissioner Mitchell and Commissioner Saine responded to questions.
12:51:42 PM  

Representative Luck made final remarks about the bill.

12:53:29 PM  
Committee members made final remarks on the bill.

01:04:21 PM
Motion Refer House Bill 21-1032 to the Committee of the Whole.
Moved Pelton
Seconded Pico
Bradfield Yes
Cutter No
Gonzales-Gutierrez No
Holtorf Yes
Jodeh No
Lontine No
Ortiz No
Pelton Yes
Pico Yes
Ricks No
Woog Yes
Froelich No
Michaelson Jenet No
YES: 5   NO: 8   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  FAIL

01:06:03 PM
Motion Postpone House Bill 21-1032 indefinitely.
Moved Gonzales-Gutierrez
Seconded Ortiz
Bradfield No
Cutter Yes
Gonzales-Gutierrez Yes
Holtorf No
Jodeh Yes
Lontine Yes
Ortiz Yes
Pelton No
Pico No
Ricks Yes
Woog No
Froelich Yes
Michaelson Jenet Yes
Final YES: 8   NO: 5   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS

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