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J_JTC_2023A 03/16/2023 08:03:53 AM Committee Summary

Date 03/16/2023
Baisley X
Cutter *
Parenti X
Weinberg X
Titone X
Priola X
Time 08:03:53 AM to 08:43:46 AM
Place Old State Library
This Meeting was called to order by Priola
This Report was prepared by Samantha Falco
Hearing Items Action Taken
Meeting with Joint Budget Committee to discuss FY 2023-24 IT Capital prioritization Committee Discussion Only

Meeting with Joint Budget Committee to discuss FY 2023-24 IT Capital prioritization - Committee Discussion Only

08:04:05 AM  

The Joint Technology Committee (JTC) met with the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) to discuss the JTC FY 2023-23 IT Capital project prioritization. Senator Priola gave an overview of the decisions made for prioritization. JBC members asked questions about the decisions made in prioritization. JBC members commented on the committee's approach to prioritize.

08:13:21 AM  

JBC members noted that the JTC came $1.2 million under budget and asked which project that did not get funded to meet the amount allocated to the JTC prioritization. The committee discussed which project below the line of getting budgeted should move above the line. There was lengthy discussion on why the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) number one prioritization was not included in funding, funding for the School of Mines, and funding for the Colorado State University.

08:21:51 AM  

Vanessa Reilly, Legislative Council Staff, responded to committee members' questions.

The committees continued discussion on the criteria in which they made the decision.

JBC members thanked the committee for their work. JBC members asked questions about the JTC working with the Office of Information Technology to address tech debt. JTC members talked about the adjustment of funding made for OIT in the prioritization. JTC members commented that they thought all of the submitted projects were worthy of being funded and how agile development in IT projects allows for adjusting the approach to funding projects.

08:43:46 AM   The committee adjourned.

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