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Recreate Statutory Revision Committee

Concerning the recreation of the statutory revision committee, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.
2016 Regular Session
State Government
Bill Summary

The statutory revision committee (committee), created in 1977 and repealed in 1985, was a standing legislative body tasked with making an ongoing investigation into statutory defects and anachronisms. The act recreates the committee.

The committee is comprised of 10 members, with the majority and minority party leaders of each chamber of the general assembly appointing 2 members of those bodies and the committee on legal services appointing 2 nonvoting nonlegislative members who are attorneys-at-law.

The committee is staffed by the office of legislative legal services and is charged with:
  • Making an ongoing examination of the Colorado revised statutes and current judicial decisions for the purpose of discovering defects and anachronisms in the law and recommending needed reforms; except that, the committee is prohibited from considering any matter that is currently pending before, or appealable to, any court;
  • Receiving, soliciting, and considering proposed changes in the law from legal organizations, public officials, lawyers, and the public generally as to defects and anachronisms in the law;
  • Annually recommending legislation, upon an affirmative vote by at least 5 legislative members of the committee, to effect such changes in the law as it deems necessary in order to modify or eliminate antiquated, redundant, or contradictory laws; and
  • Reporting its findings and recommendations annually to the general assembly.

To implement the act, $21,628 is appropriated to the legislative department from the general fund.

(Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)


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