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Date Apr 27, 2019      
Location HCR 0112

HB19-1335 - Amended, referred to the Committee of the Whole

08:03:59 AM  

Representative Weissman called the meeting to order.  A quorum was present.

Representative Gonzales-Guttierez explained HB 19-1335, concerning expungement of juvenile records, and, in connection therewith, making clarifying changes to the expungement process and procedure and clarifying that juvenile record expungement applies to municipal courts.  She discussed existing juvenile record expungement provisions enacted in 2017.  She noted how this bill addresses requested clean-up language to streamline and better implement the process.  She distributed amendment L. 001 (Attachment A ). 


08:09:07 AM  

Elise Logemann, representing the ACLU, testified in support of the bill.   She discussed the changes the bill and amendment make and the stakeholder process.

Arnold Hanuman, representing the Colorado District Attorneys' Council, spoke in favor of the bill.  He discussed how the bill makes juvenile record expungement more efficient and better takes into account victim rights. 

Meghan Dollar, representing the Colorado Municipal League, testified in support of the bill. She discussed how the bill positively impacts municipal courts. 

08:19:36 AM  

Phil Robinson, representing the Department of Human Services, spoke in support of the bill. He discussed how the bill addresses concerns raised about the timely processing of expungement requests.

08:20:56 AM  

Terry Scanlon, representing the Judicial Department, testified on the bill from a neutral position.  He noted that the bill makes the process more efficient. 

Discussion followed about existing juvenile expungement statutes and notification requirements.  Further discussion ensued about why this bill was introduced so late in the session. 



08:30:23 AM  

The witnesses answered questions about the stakeholder process and the impact of the bill. 

08:39:10 AM  

Representative Gonzales-Gutierrez explained the amendment. 


08:42:57 AM
Motion Adopt amendment L.001
Moved Gonzales-Gutierrez
Seconded Galindo
Herod Excused
YES: 0   NO: 0   EXC: 1   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  Pass Without Objection
08:43:35 AM  

Representative Gonzales-Gutierrez made closing remarks. 

08:44:35 AM  

Committee members gave reasons for supporting or opposing the bill.

08:48:48 AM
Motion Refer House Bill 19-1335, as amended, to the Committee of the Whole.
Moved Bockenfeld
Seconded Gonzales-Gutierrez
Benavidez Yes
Bockenfeld Yes
Carver Yes
Galindo Yes
Gonzales-Gutierrez Yes
McKean Yes
Roberts Yes
Soper No
Tipper Yes
Herod Yes
Weissman Yes
Final YES: 10   NO: 1   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS

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