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Budget Overview

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The table below lists documents presented to the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) during public meetings in order to assist that committee in preparing its annual budget recommendations for the General Assembly.

The General Assembly also receives budget-related recommendations from sources other than the JBC. Follow the links for documents related to:

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E.g., 2017-08-22
E.g., 2017-08-22
Department/Topic Type Document Name Date Downloads
Memos & Comeback Discussion of Statutory Deadlines for Budget Submissions 06/23/2017 sdmemo-01-09-13.pdf
General Fund Overview June Revenue Forecast General Fund Overview 06/22/2017 gfo-06-22-2017.pdf
State Supplemental State 1331 Supplemental Requests 06/20/2017 state_06-20-17.pdf
Governor/Lt. Governor/OSPB Supplemental Governor 1331 Supplemental Requests 06/20/2017 gov_06-20-17.pdf
Health Care Policy and Financing Other Department of Health Care Policy and Financing Regarding the Status of Payment System Technology Implementation 06/20/2017 hcpf_06-20-17_update.pdf
Corrections Supplemental Corrections 1331 Supplemental Requests 06/20/2017 cor_06-20-17.pdf
Capital Construction Supplemental Capital Construction 1331 Supplemental Requests 06/20/2017 cap_06-20-17.pdf
Local Affairs Memos & Comeback Suggested Footnote, RFI, and Reappropriated Funds Amounts Associated with New MTCF Housing Funding 04/27/2017 loc_memo_04-27-17.pdf
Memos & Comeback Status of JBC Budget Package Bills as of April 10, 2017 (House Actions on 2017 Budget Package) 04/27/2017 house_actions_on_2017_budget_package.pdf
Health Care Policy and Financing Memos & Comeback Medicaid Funding for Transportation Services 04/27/2017 medicaid_memo_04-27-17.pdf
Military and Veterans Affairs Memos & Comeback Impact of Senate Amendment #26 (J.044) – Increase to County Veterans Service Officer Payments 04/27/2017 memo_cvso_04-27-17.pdf
Judicial Memos & Comeback House Long Bill Amendment (#56) Concerning Veterans Treatment Courts 04/27/2017 memo_vtc_04-27-17.pdf
Regulatory Agencies Memos & Comeback High Cost Support Mechanism 04/27/2017 hcsm_memo_04-27-17.pdf
Corrections Memos & Comeback Financing Tampons for DOC Inmates 04/27/2017 doc_memo_04-27-17.pdf
Memos & Comeback Beyond the Scope Amendments to the Long Bill and Changes to Requests for Information 04/27/2017 bts_cc_amendments_04-27-17.pdf
Education (K-12) Memos & Comeback Adjusting School Finance Appropriations to Reflect Gallagher Information 04/27/2017 edu_memo_04-27-17.pdf
Other Consideration of Potential JBC Legislation 04/18/2017 potential_legislation_04-18-17.pdf
Other Consideration of Potential JBC Legislation 04/11/2017 potential_legislation_04-11-17.pdf
General Fund Overview March General Fund Overview Update 03/23/2017 gfo-03-23-2017.pdf
Public Safety Figure Setting FY 2017-18 Figure Setting Comeback for Public Safety- State Trooper Salary Survey and Merit Pay 03/23/2017 trooper_ss.pdf
Health Care Policy and Financing Figure Setting FY 2017-18 Figure Setting Comeback for Community Provider Rates- Provider Rate Motion 03/23/2017 cpr-03-23-17.pdf
Natural Resources Other Consideration of Potential JBC Legislation 03/23/2017 nat_bills.pdf
Other Requests for Information Review 03/22/2017 rfi.pdf
Other Long Bill Footnotes Review 03/22/2017 lb_footnotes.pdf
Revenue Figure Setting FY 2017-18 Figure Setting Comeback for Revenue Long Bill Footnotes and RFI's 03/22/2017 rev_rfi_fn.pdf