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h_jud_2017a_2018-01-08t09:05:54z5 Hearing Summary


Date Jan 8, 2018      
Location RM 271

State Board of Parole Presentation - Committee Discussion Only

03:03:51 PM  

Rebecca Oakes, vice chair of the State Parole Board, briefed the committee under the SMART Government Act and Joint Rule 25.  She distributed a handout (Attachment I) that covers the the compsition of the board, terms, and related statistics. 

Alexandra Walker, member of the Parole Board, also shared information about parole board procedures and explained the differences between discretionary parole and mandatory release dates.  She also discussed the relationship between community corrections and parole. 

The committee discussed the number of parole board members and if there is a need for another member.  Ms. Oakes provided an overivew of measures the parole board has implemented to alleviate the workload increase, including contracting out for revocation hearings.  The committee discussed information sharing between agencies and other models for parole boards. 


03:25:56 PM  

Ms. Walker responded to committee questions regarding assessment instruments, deferrals, and treatment.  She also discussed the other factors that go into considering whether an inmate is ready for parole and updated the committee on revisions to the Colorado State Parole Administrative Release Guidelines.  Further discussion was held regarding LEAN initiatives and other efficiencies, parole board goals, and homeless parolees.  


04:00:14 PM  

Ray Harlan, representing Colorado Victims for Justice, discussed the importance of the parole board functioning as an independent entity.  

04:09:01 PM  

Sharon Anable, representing herself, provided personal testimony regarding parole and the lack of information shared with victims. 


04:20:12 PM  

Tim Lopez, representing Denver Democrats, testified in support of the parole board and also offered suggestions for improvement that addressed risk assessment instruments and treatment requirements.  He also recommended that the parole board hire a liaison to better facilitate information sharing and communication.

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