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Date: 01/10/2017


Colorado Energy Office


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Senator Sonnenberg called the meeting to order. A quorum was present.

10:32 AM -- Colorado Energy Office

Paul Scharfenberger, representing the Colorado Energy Office (CEO), came to the table to discuss the office's performance and goals. He distributed a presentation (Attachment A). He also distributed a packet to the committee which is available upon request of Legislative Council Staff (Attachment B). He highlighted the work of the office and its specific policy areas: alternative fuels, building/facility energy efficiency, residential energy efficiency, low income energy services, and innovative energy production. In addition, he discussed energy production in Colorado. In response to a committee question, he noted the expansion of compressed natural gas stations in the state.

170110 AttachA.pdf170110 AttachA.pdf170110 AttachB.pdf170110 AttachB.pdf

10:48 AM

Mr. Scharfenberger continued by discussing residential energy efficiency tools. He also noted that CEO is working on low income energy services for energy burdened households.

10:55 AM

Dr. Christopher Worley, representing CEO, came to the table to answer committee questions regarding how the office assists technology developers in increasing the annual generation of energy by innovative/emerging technologies. Mr. Scharfenberger returned to discuss other office programs and highlighted the office's request for five-year funding.

11:02 AM

In response to a committee question, Mr. Scharfenberger discussed the office's funding from severance taxes. Dr. Worley noted that the office will not receive funding from the recent Volkswagen settlement.

11:07 AM

Mr. Joe Perera, representing CEO, came to the table to respond to questions regarding the office's work on low income weatherization services. Mr. Scharfenberger, in response to a committee question, discussed how the office uses severance tax dollars and its request for General Fund transfers. In response to committee questions, Mr. Scharfenberger discussed the office's work in the coal industry and coal mine methane.

11:20 AM

The committee adjourned.

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