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Parent Authority To Require Educational Reforms

Concerning parents' authority to request reforms for low-performing schools.
2020 Regular Session
Education & School Finance (Pre & K-12)
Bill Summary

The bill authorizes the parents of children enrolled in a low-performing school, or the parents of children enrolled in schools that matriculate to the low-performing school, (petitioners) to petition the school district board of education for the low-performing school, or the state charter school institute board if the low-performing school is an institute charter school, (oversight board) to implement specified reforms. A school is considered low-performing if it is required to adopt a priority improvement or turnaround plan for 2 consecutive school years. The bill specifies the types of reforms that petitioners may request and the requirements for petitions. A petition must be signed by at least 50% of the parents of students enrolled in the low-performing school or in schools that matriculate to the low-performing school.

If an oversight board receives a valid petition, the oversight board must hold a hearing at which the petitioners may present the requested reforms. The oversight board may propose alternative reforms, and the petitioners may amend the requested reforms or withdraw the petition. At the conclusion of the meeting, if the petitioners have not withdrawn the petition, the oversight board must vote whether to implement the reforms, as originally presented or as amended, and adopt a plan to implement the reforms by the following school year.

If the oversight board chooses not to approve and adopt a plan to implement the reforms, the petitioners may submit the petition to the state board of education (state board) and may consider recall procedures against the oversight board if it is a school district board of education.

If the state board receives a petition, it must hold a public hearing at which it takes testimony from the petitioners, other eligible parents, and the oversight board concerning the requested reforms. At the conclusion of the meeting, the state board must decide whether to require the school district or state charter school institute, whichever is applicable, to implement the reforms or require other specified actions. If the state board requires the school district or the institute to take actions, the low-performing school is subject to the same oversight and requirements that apply to public schools that have been on priority improvement or turnaround plans for 5 school years.

(Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced.)




Bill Text


Sponsor Type Legislators
Prime Sponsor

Rep. T. Geitner


Rep. C. Larson, Rep. P. Neville, Rep. M. Soper


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