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Recommendations Of Child Support Commission

Concerning legislative recommendations of the child support commission, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.
2018 Regular Session
Children & Domestic Matters
Bill Summary

Child support commission - child support enforcement - appropriation. The act implements several recommendations from the child support commission, including:

  • Authorizing a county delegate child support enforcement unit (county CSEU) to file a notice of withdrawal in any proceeding in which they are a party when the county CSEU case is closed;
  • Authorizing a county CSEU to produce, issue, and serve a subpoena to compel a party in a juvenile case to provide a genetic test sample for purposes of determining paternity;
  • Clarifying terms in child support enforcement statutes, including "administrative process action" or "APA", "APA-respondent", and "APA-petitioner";
  • Establishing parameters for negotiation conferences to establish a child support obligation and parameters for missing such a scheduled conference;
  • Allowing an APA-respondent to opt out of an administrative process action and request, in writing, a court hearing;
  • Establishing timelines and guidelines for service of notice of financial responsibility;
  • Clarifying the requirements allowing a court to issue an order of default;
  • Establishing requirements for filing genetic testing results with the court;
  • Requiring a party to an administrative process action that retains legal counsel to provide written notice of such legal counsel, or termination of legal counsel, to the county CSEU;
  • Establishing the rights and duties of all parties to an administrative process action case; and
  • Setting forth procedures for requesting a court hearing or transfer of jurisdiction or entering a default order of modification.

The act requires the participation of county CSEUs and insurance companies in the child support insurance lien network data match, establishes the child support insurance lien fund (fund), and authorizes payments into the fund from fees collected by the state child support enforcement agency in its efforts to attach insurance claim payments, awards, and settlements.

The act appropriates $122,996 from the child support insurance lien fund to the department of human services for use by the office of self sufficiency for child support enforcement.

(Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)


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