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Affordable Housing Funding From Vendor Fee Changes

Concerning an increase in affordable housing funding from increased state sales tax revenue that results from a modification to the state sales tax vendor fee, and, in connection therewith, enacting the "Affordable Housing Act of 2019" and making an appropriation.
2019 Regular Session
Fiscal Policy & Taxes
Bill Summary

The state treasurer is required to credit an amount equal to the increase in sales taxes attributable to the vendor fee changes that result from the bill to the housing development grant fund, which the division of housing in the department of local affairs (division) uses to make grants and loans to improve, preserve, or expand the supply of affordable housing in the state. The division is required to annually award at least 1/3 of this money for affordable housing projects for households whose annual income is less than or equal to 30% of the area median income.

The increase in sales taxes attributable to the vendor fee changes that result from the bill are excluded from the definition of "state sales tax increment revenue" for purposes of the "Colorado Regional Tourism Act" so that the increase is payable to the state and not an applicable financing entity.

A retailer who collects state sales tax is currently allowed to retain 3 1/3% of the state sales taxes collected as compensation for the retailer's expenses incurred in collecting and remitting the tax (vendor fee). Beginning January 1, 2020, the bill increases the vendor fee to 4% and establishes a $1,000 monthly cap on the vendor fee. This limit applies regardless of the number of the retailer's locations. A vendor with multiple locations is required to register all locations under one account with the department of revenue. The changes to the state vendor fee do not apply to a local government that imposes a sales tax and permits a vendor fee that is based on the state's vendor fee.

The sales and use tax revenue that is deposited in the housing development grant fund for the state fiscal year 2019-20 is reduced by a specified amount to cover the department of revenue's expenses to make the IT changes necessary to implement the bill, which results in a corresponding increase in the general fund. In turn, this amount is appropriated from the general fund to the department of revenue for this purpose.

(Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced.)


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