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Budget Overview

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The table below lists documents presented to the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) during public meetings in order to assist that committee in preparing its annual budget recommendations for the General Assembly.

The General Assembly also receives budget-related recommendations from sources other than the JBC. Follow the links for documents related to:

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E.g., 06/07/2021
E.g., 06/07/2021
Department/Topic Type Document Name Date Downloads
Potential Legislation Consideration of Potential JBC Legislation 04/29/2021 leg-04-29-21.pdf
Memos Technical Corrections to the Long Bill 04/29/2021 tc-04-29-21.pdf
Memos Summary of Long Bill Amendments and Status of 2021 Budget Package Bills 04/29/2021 lb_amend-04-29-21.pdf
Potential Legislation Consideration of Potential JBC Legislation - Office Of Public Guardianship Extension 04/29/2021 leg2-04-29-21.pdf
Memos Technical Amendment to Allocate OIT Costs for Common Policy Salary Increases Among User Agencies 04/29/2021 oit-04-29-21.pdf
Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement Memos Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement 2021 Payment 04/21/2021 msa-04-21-21.pdf
Other Presentation by the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing Concerning Federal American Rescue Plan Act and Payments for Home and Community-based Services 04/21/2021 hcpf-04-21-21.pdf
Memos Finalized FY 2021-22 Requests for Information Committee Review 04/21/2021 rfi-04-21-21.pdf
Potential Legislation Consideration of Potential JBC Legislation 04/21/2021 leg-04-21-21.pdf
Capital Construction Supplemental Adams State University Plachy Hall Supplemental/Budget Modification 04/21/2021 cap-04-21-21.pdf