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CDOT Department of Transportation Efficiency And Accountability Committee

Concerning the reestablishment of a standing efficiency and accountability committee by the state transportation commission, and, in connection therewith, expanding the membership and responsibilities of the committee, subjecting the committee to sunset review, requiring a committee member to disclose a personal or private interest that could be affected by a proposed committee recommendation and abstain from any committee vote to adopt or reject the recommendation, and making an appropriation.
2016 Regular Session
State Government
Transportation & Motor Vehicles
Bill Summary

The act requires the state transportation commission (commission) to reestablish the previously disbanded accountability committee (committee) and expands the membership of the committee to include 4 state legislators and representatives of counties, municipalities, and nonpartisan good governance organizations. For the 2016-17 state fiscal year, $3,248 is appropriated from the general fund to the legislative department to pay for per diem and travel expenses for the legislators on the committee. The commission may also appoint additional representatives of other industries or groups, or individuals or representatives of informally constituted groups of individuals, as it deems appropriate. The responsibilities of the committee are clarified and expanded to ensure that the committee addresses commission and department of transportation accountability, specifically with respect to compliance with federal and state legal requirements and actions taken in response to the August 2015 performance audit titled 'Collection and Usage of the FASTER Motor Vehicle Fees', as well as efficiency.

The committee is terminated, effective July 1, 2019, unless its existence is extended through the sunset process. A committee member must disclose a personal or private interest that could reasonably be expected to be affected if the commission or the department implements a proposed committee recommendation and abstain from any committee vote to adopt or reject the recommendation.

(Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)


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